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Silvia Z. Mitchell

Please join me in congratulating Silvia Z. Mitchell, assistant professor of early modern European history, for the publication of a special journal issue of The Court Historian: The International Journal of Court Studies that she guest edited.

Titled The Spanish Habsburg Court during the Reign of Carlos II (1665-1700), the special issue focuses on the court and political culture surrounding Carlos II and his reign with the aim of fleshing out a revisionist portrait of the last monarch of the Habsburg dynasty to rule Spain. Silvia brought together diplomatic, political, and gender historians and art history specialists from England, Spain, Argentina, and the U.S. for the issue. She also authored the introduction and one of the articles: “Women and Children First: Court Ceremonial during Carlos II’s Minority, 1665-1675.”

Published biannually by The Society for Court Studies, The Court Historian is the leading periodical for the interdisciplinary field of court studies.

Congratulations, Dr. Mitchell!

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