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William Gray

Please join me in congratulating William Gray, associate professor of history and Jewish studies, for recently publishing "Learning to ‘Recycle’:  Petrodollars and the West, 1973-5,"  as well as “Paradoxes of Ostpolitik:  Revisiting the Moscow and Warsaw Treaties, 1970,”

Published in the larger work Oil Shock: The 1973 Crisis and Its Economic Legacy, Will's "Learning to Recycle" is one of the many academic perspectives that examines the immense social, economic, and political impact of the 1973 'Oil Shock.' Will, among other scholars, examines the origins of what was defined as an 'oil revolution' by the oil-producing countries, as well as the far-reaching effects of the 'shock' on the Cold War and the global economy. In doing so, they help place the event in its historical context as a key moment in the transformation of the international economy.

Published in Central European History 49 (December 2016), "Paradoxes of Ostopolitik" reexamines the 1970s policy of Ostopolitik implemented to normalize relations between West Germany and the Eastern Bloc during the Cold War. Taking a closer look at two treaties, Will takes a deeper look into the political forces at play in this period.

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