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Carrie Janney

Please join me in congratulating Dr. Carrie Janney, professor and assistant department head for the Department of History, on the publication of her most recent book Cold Harbor to the Crater: The End of the Overland Campaign from University of North Carolina Press. Carrie’s book is a collection of ten essays written by scholars and public historians on the pivotal last battles of the Civil War’s 1864 Overland Campaign. The collection was co-edited with University of Virginia history professor Gary Gallagher, who has written more than twenty books on the Civil War. In addition to editing the volume, Carrie also wrote one of the ten articles, which focuses on the experience of civilians during the ten-month siege of Petersburg, Virginia and is based off of letters, diaries, city council meetings and official military reports at the time.

Congratulations, Carrie!

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David A. Reingold
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