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Christopher Yeomans

Please join me in congratulating Christopher Yeomans, associate professor in the Department of Philosophy, who won an Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Research Fellowship for Experienced Researchers. He will spend the 2015–2016 academic year at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München.


Christopher’s research is focused on Hegel and German philosophy, as well as the philosophy of action. He has published two books on Hegel with Oxford University Press, including The Expansion of Autonomy: Hegel’s Pluralistic Philosophy of Action, which came out in February 2015. His Humboldt fellowship project, “The Politics of German Idealism,” grows directly out of the work he did in Purdue’s Department of History during a Faculty Fellowship for Study in a Second Discipline in 2013–2014. Specifically, he plans to integrate the concepts of the Kantian theory of autonomy, or free will, and the theory of moral psychology, or practical reason (approaches to Hegel that he employed in his first two manuscripts) with an understanding of the social and historical politics of Hegel’s time. The historical context is useful in analyzing how those political norms informed or were revised in Hegel’s political philosophy, as well as examining the relevance of Hegel’s ideas about social and political structure in our own contemporary society.


Congratulations, Dr. Yeomans!

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