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Michele Buzon

Please join me in congratulating Michele Buzon, professor of anthropology, for winning a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Working in cooperation with Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences professor Antonio Simonetti from the University of Notre Dame, Michele plans to “investigate the impact of climate change on the isotopic signature of available strontium during the last ~4,000 years within the Nile River Valley,” according to the award abstract. The project, entitled “Collaborative Research: Assessing the Impact of Holocene Climate Change on Bioavailable Strontium Isotope Ratios,” earned an award of $60,810 from the NSF.

The NSF grant complements Michele’s recent Exploratory Research in the Social Sciences Grant from the College of Liberal Arts for a project entitled “Pluralistic Identities in Nubia: A Bioarchaeological Examination of Entanglements at Post-Colonial Tombos.” The collaborators’ previous research “established immigration patterns and cultural interactions in ancient civilizations for Egyptian and Nubian sites within the Nile River Valley based primarily on strontium isotope signatures of archaeological fauna (soil, animal, plant) and human samples.”

Michele and her team's work has also been the subject of a recent segment of "Boiler Bytes" and was featured in Purdue Today.

Congratulations, Professor Buzon!

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