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R. Douglas Hurt

Please join me in congratulating Doug Hurt, professor of history and head of the Department of History on his new book Agriculture and the Confederacy: Policy, Productivity, and Power in the Civil War South published by the University of North Carolina Press. In his new work Professor Hurt chronicles the decline and fall of agriculture in the Confederate States of America.  He shows how this pattern of disintegration led to the Confederacy’s decline in terms of military, economic, and political power. In a review from Orville Vernon Burton, author of The Age of Lincoln, Burtons says, “The wider story of the Confederacy is now more complete, and this book will take its place as the best work to date on Confederate agriculture.”

Congratulations, Dr. Hurt, on this fine piece of scholarship.

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David A. Reingold
Justin S. Morrill Dean
College of Liberal Arts