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Beate Allert

Please join me in congratulating Beate Allert, associate professor of German, comparative literature, and film and chair of the Department of German and Russian, on serving as editor of J.G. Herder: From Cognition to Cultural Science. This new volume is based on contributions to the 2014 Conference of the International Herder Society, which was held at Purdue. Beate is serving as the president of the Society from 2013–2015.

Johann Gottfried Herder (1744–1803) was a German philosopher, poet, literary critic, and theologian who contributed to our understanding of the importance of sense perceptions, language, and knowledge formation. Herder challenged the mind–body split of Kantian philosophy, as well as discourse that separated the liberal arts from the sciences, positing cognition as a process connecting sense perceptions and feelings to an approach to cultural science.

Beate was awarded a 2014–2015 Global Synergy Research Grant to support the conference and the book, which features 25 expanded and edited essays from the 2014 conference, and is published by Synchron Publishers Heidelberg.

Congratulations, Dr. Allert!

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