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Dawn Marsh

Please join me in congratulating Dawn Marsh, associate professor of history, upon receiving a Diversity Transformation Award of $121,400 from the University for her project “Four Directions: Building a Foundation for Native Scholars.” Dawn’s team was chosen to receive one of nine grants to augment the diversity of our University.


The “Four Directions” team will implement several initiatives to create a pathway for indigenous faculty hires and to develop Native scholars of all levels at Purdue. First, Dawn’s team will promote faculty hiring through opportunity or cluster hires. Second, it will develop the Tecumseh Postdoctoral Fellowship in partnership with Native communities, tribal colleges, and research universities, creating opportunities for Native scholars to become candidates for Purdue faculty. Third, it will develop a certificate in applied indigenous studies. Last, the team will build on Purdue’s success as a member of the Sloan Foundation Indigenous Graduate Partnership for American Indian and Alaska Native students in STEM fields and Purdue’s Native American Educational and Cultural Center by integrating recruitment of Native scholars at all levels and launching these students into effective careers.


Dawn’s team includes Ken Ridgway, professor of earth, atmospheric, and planetary sciences (EAPS); Kerry Rabenold, professor of biology; Kory Cooper, associate professor of anthropology and materials engineering; Stephanie Zywicki, assistant professor of curriculum studies; Felica Ahasteen-Bryant, director of the Native American Educational and Cultural Center; Darryl Reano, doctoral student in EAPS; and Wai Allen, master’s student in EAPS.


Congratulations, Dr. Marsh!

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David A. Reingold
Justin S. Morrill Dean
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