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Amanda Wegener, Michael Brannigan, and the Students in the Department of History's "Aerospace History Research Seminar"

Please join me in congratulating both Amanda Wegener, a second year Interior Design major and Dammon Dean’s Scholar in the College of Liberal Arts, on the publication of her peer-reviewed article, “Art from the Inside: NASA Mission Insignia and Patches,” in Quest: The History of Spaceflight Quarterly 23, no. 4 (2016): 3-17; and Michael Brannigan, a 2016 graduate with majors in history and political science, on the publication of his History Honor’s Thesis as a peer-reviewed article, "America’s First Cosmonauts: Reflections on the Human Cost of Shuttle-Mir." Astropolitics: The International Journal of Space Politics & Policy 15, no. 1 (2017): 27-50.  

Amanda and Michael wrote these articles as papers in the “Aerospace History Research Seminar,” taught by the Department of History, drawn from original archival research, and with the assistance of the staff at the Flight and Space Exploration Archives at Purdue University​.  Based on this collaboration, seven other students in the seminar, with majors ranging from the Liberal Arts to Engineering, have published their papers in a model web magazine -- Flight Paths: Purdue University's Aerospace Pioneers -- sponsored by the Purdue Libraries and the College of Liberal Arts. The site features student research and writing focused on the history and culture of aeronautics and astronautics at Purdue.

Congratulations, Amanda, Michael, and our History students!

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David A. Reingold
Justin S. Morrill Dean
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