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TJ Kim

Please join me in congratulating TJ Kim, associate professor of industrial design, for being invited by Chosun Media Group to speak at the Global Leaders Forum in Seoul, South Korea. It will be televised throughout the country on channel 19.

The annual conference, which will be held Nov. 12-13, attracts global leaders and scholars to share their visions of our industrial future. South Korea’s prime ministers have presented at the event each year, as have executives like former Sony Music Entertainment CEO Shigeo Maruyama and scholars like MIT Media Lab director Joi Ito and Nobel laureate in chemistry Dan Shectman.

TJ has been invited as a Global Maker Education Leader and will discuss how to develop maker education – specifically his Wonder MakerSpace platform – in his presentation. TJ’s invitation includes a $10,000 speaker’s compensation fee. Other speakers scheduled to speak in the “Learning Revolution and Maker Culture” session are Dale Johnson, manager of the Adaptive General Education Program at Arizona State University, and Peter Hirshberg, principal of the Maker City Project.

Other subjects that will be covered at the conference, which will air throughout South Korea on TV Chosun, concern artificial intelligence and virtual currency.

In addition to his lecture in Seoul, TJ is also scheduled to present his Wonder MakerSpace platform at the Dawn or Doom conference and at the U.S.-China Maker Challenge in China.

Congratulations, Professor Kim!

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