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Matt Pike

Please join me in congratulating Matt Pike, a graduate student of anthropology, for being awarded the Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Award from the National Science Foundation, Arctic Social Science Program. Matt’s faculty adviser throughout this graduate program is H. Kory Cooper, professor of anthropology and materials engineering

Matt has received $18,893 for this project, “Doctoral Dissertation Research: Northern Innovation: Modeling Copper Technologies.” He will be using the funding to travel to multiple northern indigenous communities in November, including Cambridge Bay and Kugluktuk in Nunavut, Canada. Matt will present his dissertation research on innovation in prehistoric indigenous copper technologies to local descendant Inuit communities. 

He will also conduct copper-working workshops. These workshops allow participants to experience the process of replicating copper tools from the archaeological record, seek feedback from the community on ways to provide digital access to the database of copper archaeological artifacts that form the core of his dissertation research, and document any personal collections of copper artifacts that have been collected in the community. 

Congratulations, Matt!

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