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Christopher Lukasik

Please join me in congratulating Christopher Lukasik, Associate Professor of English, for being named a Senior Fellow in the Society of Fellows at the Rockwell Center for American Visual Studies. The Rockwell Center supports scholarship exploring the power of published images and their integral role in society, culture, and history, and the world of art―from the emergence of printed mass media in the mid nineteenth century to the innovations of digital media today. The fellowship period is two years long (2017-2019) and includes a stipend to support research. Chris was one of four scholars selected to be a senior fellow.

Chris’s main focus of research is: American literature and art history before 1900; early American studies; visual studies and theory; class and gender studies; and American cultural and intellectual history.

He has various published work, including Discerning Characters: The Culture of Appearance in Early America (University of Pennsylvania Press 2011), which was a part of the McNeil Center for Early American Studies book series.

Congratulations, Dr. Lukasik!

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