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Volume 68 - 2022

[Issue 1 2]

(Note: This entire volume is available online through Project Muse) 

Issue 1

Editor: John N. Duvall
Associate Editor: Robert P. Marzec

Special Issue: Peripheral Literatures and the History of Capitalism
Guest Editors: Ericka Beckman, Oded Nir, Emilio Sauri

Peripheral Liteartures and the History of Capitalism: An Introduction
Ericka Beckman, Oded Nir, Emilio Sauri
Pages 1-21

The Aesthetics of the Oppressed: Oil and Capitalism in Abdelrahman Munif's Cities of Salt
Raya Alraddadi
Pages 22-42

Cognitive Maps of the Semiperiphery: Two Bengali Novels and the Transition to Colonial Capitalist Modernity
Sandeep Banerjee
Pages 43-63

The Forms of Irish Modernism
Paul Stasi
Pages 64-87

Mozambican Literature, Neoliberalism, and the Long 1980s
Thomas Waller
Pages 88-116

Peripheral Labor
Christine Okoth
Pages 117-40

Allegories of an Embattled Public: The Red Thread of the Modern Swedish Crime Novel
Phillip E. Wegner
Pages 141-72

Writing Against Peripheralization: Glorifying Labor in Chinese Socialist Literature
Xian Wang
Pages 173-94

Pages 195-96


Issue 2

Editor: John N. Duvall
Associate Editor: Robert P. Marzec

General Issue

2021 Margaret Church MFS Memorial Prize
Pages iv-v

Ready Player One and the Reassertion of US Economic and Technological Supremacy
Claire Stanford
Pages 201-18

Race, Gender, and "Real Brains": Interrogating Unreliability in Nella Larsen's Passing
Valentina Montero Román
Pages 219-47

Rooms Not One's Own: C. L. R. James, Jean Rhys, and Caribbean Anticolonialism in 1930s London
Kate Perillo
Pages 248-74

Behind Barriers, Living a Man's Life: Imperial Masculinity in Graham Greene's "The Basement Room" and The Fallen Idol
Elizabeth Floyd
Pages 275-97

The Social-Scientific Imagination: Muriel Spark's The Ballad of Peckham Rye
Sarah Bernstein
Pages 298-319

Cosmopolis, Civility, and the Practice of Heretical History in Amitav Ghosh's In an Antique Land
Rajeshwari Vallury
Pages 320-45

Ali Smith's Parasitic Poetics
Liliane Campos
Pages 346-69

Better Futures Needed
Simon J. James
Pages 370-76

Book Reviews
Pages 378-402

Pages 403-04