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What is Degree Plus?

Established in 2018, Degree Plus is a streamlined, 4-year dual-degree program that gives current and incoming Boilermakers the opportunity to work toward simultaneous undergraduate degrees in the College of Liberal Arts and another school or college. For Degree Plus students, the CLA core requirement is waived. 

Want degrees in Computer Technology and Philosophy to make more ethical decisions about the advancement of digital technology? How about degrees in Psychology and Sociology to better understand how your patients’ minds interact with their social environments? Or, Civil Engineering and a foreign language to better communicate with international clients, all without adding years onto your education?

Degree Plus can make that happen.

Why Degree Plus at Purdue?

  • Students earn two undergraduate degrees in four years, doubling their degrees without doubling their time at college, or their tuition.
  • Dual-degree students experience a wider range of subjects, learning from a broad array of world-class professors, and leave with a degree combination unique to them and their dreams.
  • Degree Plus graduates stand out amongst their peers, having approached their undergraduate education from a well-rounded, multidimensional perspective that will broaden their appeal to future employers.