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Feed both sides of your brain.

Why choose?

At Purdue, Degree+ offers a streamlined path for students to complete a degree from the College of Liberal Arts along with a degree from another academic area.

Do you want to develop new computer advances and learn more about the logic on which computer code is built? Do you want to learn to fly and learn more about the policies that govern aviation? Do you want to help feed the world and learn about the cultures of people around the world?

Computer science + philosophy

Aviation + political science

Agriculture + anthropology

Nursing + Spanish

Your major + your passion

There is no choice. Choose Purdue.


Degree Plus timeline

Degree Plus timeline

  1. August - Application open
  2. November - Early Action (EA) App Due
  3. January - EA Admit Release
  4. May - Decision Deadline
  5. June - Advising Apt. (VSTAR)
  6. Degree+ Discussion