Modern Fiction Studies Department of English

Volume 17 -1971

[Issue 1 2 3 4]

Issue 1

Editorial Board: William T. Stafford (Chairman, on leave), William Bache, Margaret Church (Acting Chair), and Mark Rowan
Special Issue: The Modern German Novel

Franz Kafka, Sugar Baron
Peter F. Neumeyer
Pages 5-16

Chapter Fourteen, "The Second Home" from Oskar Weber The Sugar Baron (Trans. Peter F. Neumeyer)
Oskar Weber
Pages 17-20

Action as Self-Mirror: On Kafka's Plots
S. Sandbank
Pages 21-30

A Literal Interpretation of "In the Penal Colony"
Kurt J. Fickert
Pages 31-36

A Key to the Door Image in "The Metamorphosis"
Leonard Moss
Pages 37-44

The Motif of Failure and the Act of Narrating in Günter Grass'sÖrtlich Betäubt
James C. Bruce
Pages 45-60

Oskar's Hungry Witch
J. K. Sosnoski
Pages 61-80

More on the Musical Composition of Doktor Faustus
Marilyn Gaddis Rose
Pages 81-90

The Role of Hermes in The Confessions of Felix Krull
Frank J. Kearful
Pages 91-108

A New Translation
Meno Spann
Pages 109-114

Hermine and hte Porlbem of Harry's Failure in Hesse's Steppenwolf
Eugene Webb
Pages 115-124

Döblin and Dos Passos: Aspects of the City Novel
Leon L. Titche, Jr.
Pages 125-138

Bibliography: Five Modern German Novelists (1960-1970)
Margaret Church, Ronald Cummings, Charles Whitaker
Pages 139-156

Issue 2

Editorial Board: William T. Stafford (Chairman, on leave), William Bache, Margaret Church (Acting Chair), and Mark Rowan
General Issue

A Conversation with Lawrence Durell about Art, Analysis, and Politics
Joan Goulianos
Pages 159-166

Dissonance and Digression: The Ill-Fitting Fusion of Philosophy and Form in Lawrence Durrell's Alexandra Quartet
Chet Taylor
Pages 167-180

The Face in the Mirror: Bernanos' Hero as Artist in Journal d'un curé de campagne
H. A. Bouraoui
Pages 181-192

Life against Death in Henderson the Rain King
Donald W. Markos
Pages 193-206

Pynchon's Tapestries on the Western Wall
Roger B. Henkle
Pages 207-220

Violence in Afro-American Fiction: An Hypothesis
Stephen B. Bennett and William W. Nichols
Pages 221-228

Myra Breckinridge and Imitative Form
Purvis E. Boyette
Pages 229-238

Dorian Gray and the Gothic Novel
Lewis J. Poteet
Pages 239-248

Postures of Belief in The Nigger of the "Narcissus"
Robert Foulke
Pages 249-262

Camus' Fait Divers
David G. Speer
Pages 263-264

Samuel Beckett's Watt: A Coming and a Going
Eleanor Swanson
Pages 264-268

Marxist Criticism of Céline's Voyage au bout de la nuit
Paul A. Fortier
Pages 268-272

Recent Books on Modern Fiction
Pages 273-341

Issue 3

Editorial Board: William T. Stafford (Chairman), William Bache, Margaret Church, and Mark Rowan
Special Issue: Norman Mailer

The Long HappyLife of Norman Mailer
Donald L. Kaufmann
Pages 347-360

Norman Mailer and John Dos Passos: The Question of Influence
John M. Muste
Pages 361-374

"Otherwise How Explain?" Norman Mailer's New Cosmology
Richard D. Finholt
Pages 375-386

The Hero of The Naked and the Dead
David F. Burg
Pages 387-402

Barbary Shore: The Basis of Mailer's Best Work
John Stark
Pages 403-408

Norman Mailer's Why are We in Vietnam?: A Radical Critique of Frontier Values
Richard Pearce
Pages 409-414

Current and Recurrent: The Vietnam Novel
Roger Ramsey
Pages 415-432

The 45-Second Piss: A Left Critique of Norman Mailer and The Armies of the Night
Robert Merideth
Pages 433-450

Mailer's Lunar Bits and Pieces
Donald L. Kaufmann
Pages 451-454

Criticism of Norman Mailer: A Selected Checklist
Laura Adams
Pages 455-463

Issue 4

Editorial Board: William T. Stafford (Chairman), William Bache, Margaret Church, and Mark Rowan
General Issue

Hemingway's Tutor, Ezra Pound
Harold M. Hurwitz
Pages 469-482

James's Mock Epic: "The Velvet Glove," Edith Wharton, and Other Late Tales
Adeline R. Tintner
Pages 483-500

From the Cellar to the Rock: A Recurrent Pattern in William Golding's Novels
Jeanne Delbaere-Garant
Pages 501-512

Arnold Bennett's Social Conscience
Kinley E. Roby
Pages 513-524

Parody and Mystery in Dürrenmatt's The Pledge
Roger Ramsey
Pages 525-532

A Pebble in the Pool: Organic Theme and Structure in Thomas Wolfe's You Can't Go Home Again
Richard H. Cracroft
Pages 533-554

Janouch's Conversations with Kafka: Some Questions
Peter F. Neumeyer
Pages 555-557

"The Open Boat": Additional Perspective
Donna Gerstenberger
Pages 557-561

Thomas Wolfe's Mr. Katamoto
Lawrence Jay Dessner
Pages 561-565

Hemingway's "The Revolutionist": An Aid to Interpretation
Barbara S. Groseclose
Pages 565-570

"Things in Themselves": Virginia Woolf's the Waves
Igor Webb
Pages 570-574

Dickens and Lawrence: More on Rocking Horses
Michael K. Goldberg
Page 574

Recent Books on Modern Fiction
Pages 575-659

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