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Volume 33 - 1987

[Issue 1 2 3 4]

Issue 1

Guest Editors: Brooke K. Horvath and William J. Palmer
Special Issue: Modern Sports Fiction


Brooke K. Horvath and William J. Palmer
Pages 3-8

From Jane Allen to Water Dancer: A Brief History of the Feminist (?) Sports Novel
Michael Oriard
Pages 9-20

Faustian Athletes? Sports as a Theme in Modern German Literature
Allen Guttmann
Pages 21-34

The Work of Play: Anger and the Expropriate Athletes of Alan Sillitoe and David Storey
William Hutchings
Pages 35-48

Counter-Ethnicity and the Jewish-Black Baseball Novel: The Cases of Jerome Charyn and Jay Neugeboren
Eric Solomon
Pages 49-64

Street Games in J. D. Salinger and Gerald Green
Alfred F. Boe
Pages 65-72

The Black Man as Fictional Athlete: Runner Mack, the Sporting Myth, and the Failure of the American Dream
Wiley Lee Umphlett
Pages 73-84

Norman Mailer: Boxing and the Art of His Narrative
Christian K. Messenger
Pages 85-104

Deconstructing the Logos: Don DeLillo's End Zone
Thomas LeClair
Pages 105-124

Dan Jenkins' Needle
David L. Vanderwerken
Pages 125-134

Postmodernist Baseball
Richard Alan Schwartz
Pages 135-150

Bang the Drum Differently: The Southpaw Slants of Henry Wiggen
Robert Cochran
Pages 151-160

Of Hobby-Horses, Baseball, and Narrative: Coover's Universal Baseball Association
Roy C. Caldwell, Jr.
Pages 161-172

Shoeless Joe: Fantasy and the Humor of Fellow-Feeling
Neil Randall
Pages 173-182

Three On: An Interview with David Carkeet, Mark Harris, and W. P. Kinsella
Brooke K. Horvath and William J. Palmer
Pages 183-195

Issue 2

Editor: William T. Stafford
General Issue

Page 200

The Indian English Novel: Kim and Midnight's Children
Richard Cronin
Pages 201-214

End-Game: Terminal Configurations in Bellow's Novels
Biyot K. Tripathy
Pages 215-232

De Quincey, Rifacimento, and the Fictionalizing of Malcolm Lowry
Martin Bock
Pages 233-244

Burger's Daughter: Lighting a Torch in the Heart of Darkness
Lorraine Liscio
Pages 245-262

Tim O'Brien's Myth of Courage
Milton J. Bates
Pages 263-380

D. H. Lawrence and Dostoevsky: The Thirst for Risk and the Thirst for Life
Michele Frucht Levy
Pages 281-289

Speaking against the Dark: Style as Theme in Thomas McGuane'sNobody's Angel
Jon Wallace
Pages 289-298

Pages 299-302

Recent Books on Modern Fiction
Pages 303-404

Issue 3

Guest Editor: Clayton Koelb
Special Issue: Narrative Theory

Page 406

Clayton Koelb
Pages 407-412

Editing Adventures: Writing the Text of Julius Rodman
Liliane Weissberg
Pages 413-430

Absalom, Absalom! Telling Scratches
Karen McPherson
Pages 431-450

The Detective as Reader: Narrativity and Reading Concepts in Detective Fiction
Peter Hühn
Pages 451-466

The Cinematic Novel: Tracking a Concept
Steven G. Kellman
Pages 467-478

Toward a Theory of Literary Nonfiction
Eric Heyne
Pages 479-490

For (Against) a Theory of Rereading
Thomas M. Leitch
Pages 491-508

The Story in the Image: Rhetoric and Narrative Invention
Clayton Koelb
Pages 509-522

The Mimetic Language Game and Two Typologies of Narrators
Nilli Diengott
Pages 523-534

Narratology and Thematics
Ian MacKenzie
Pages 535-544

Narratology, Obsolescent Paradigms, and "Scientific" Poetics; or, Whatever Happened to PTL?
Virgil L. Lokke
Pages 545-558

Recent Books on Narrative Theory: An Essay-Review
Suresh Raval
Pages 559-570

Issue 4

Editor: William T. Stafford
General Issue

The Problem of Pattern: Nabokov's Defense
Brian Boyd
Pages 575-604

Sister Carrie and Industrial Life: Objects and the New American Self
Stanley Corkin
Pages 605-620

Autobiography as Fiction: The Example of Stop-time
John Haegert
Pages 621-638

Art and Life in James's "The Middle Years"
Christof Wegelin
Pages 639-646

Floating Signifiers in John Barth's Sabbatical
Gordon E. Slethaug
Pages 647-656

Recent Books on Modern Fiction
Pages 657-772

Author and Subject Index, Volume 33
Pages 773-776