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Volume 65 - 2019

[Issue 1 2 3 4]

(Note: This entire volume is available online through Project Muse) 

Issue 1

Editor: John N. Duvall
Associate Editor: Robert P. Marzec

Special Issue: Cripping Modernism
Guest Editor: Maren Linett

Cripping Modernism: An Introduction
Maren Linett
Pages 1-11

Cripping the Pastoral: Rural Modernisms and Sylvia Townsend Warner's The True Heart
Courtney Andree
Pages 12-34

Antinomian Remedies: Rehabilitative Futurism, Towards a Better Life, and Kenneth Burke's Modernist Equipment for Living
Jesse Miller
Pages 35-59

Crip/Queer Aesthetics in the Great War
Matt Franks
Pages 60-88

"The Seriously Injured of Our Civic Life": Imagining Disabled Collectivity in Depression-Era Crip Modernisms
Jess Waggoner
Pages 89-110

Punctuations of the Virtual: Spectating Sex and Disability in Joyce's "Nausicaa"
Jeremy Colangelo
Pages 111-131

Gestures of Belonging: Disability and Postcoloniality in Bessie Head's A Question of Power
Liam Kruger
Pages 132-151

Straight, Pure, and Natural: Spiritualization and Penile Prostheses in Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises
Aaron Shaheen
Pages 152-176

"A Vision of Greyness": The Liminal Vantage of Illness in Heart of Darkness
Cheryl Hindrichs
Pages 177-206

Downwrong: The Pose of Tiredness
Louise Hornby
Pages 207-227

Disability Studies Today: A Conversation with Michael Bérubé
Frederick Luis Aldama
Pages 228-233

Pages 234-235

Issue 2

Editor: John N. Duvall
Associate Editor: Robert P. Marzec
General Issue

Djuna Barnes's Ladies Almanack and the Politicization of Gossip
Lindsay Starck
Pages 239-263

"New World" Visions and Homegrown Art: National Authenticity in Works of Willa Cather and Antonín Dořák
Evelyn Funda
Pages 264-284

The Mysteries of Mumbai: Terrorism and Banality in Sacred Games
Bede Scott
Pages 285-308

J. M. Coetzee's Authentic Automatism
Rebecca Roach
Pages 309-338

The Strange Stimulus of the Forest: Bergsonism and Plantlike Posthumanism in D. H. Lawrence's Aaron's Rod
Mark Taylor
Pages 339-354

"The Whole in Small Compass": D'Arcy McNickle's Social Vision in The Surrounded
Matthew Herman
Pages 355-376

Book Reviews
Pages 377-404

Pages 405-407

Margaret Church Award
Page 408

Issue 3

Editor: John N. Duvall
Associate Editor: Robert P. Marzec
General Issue

"Through a Piece of Colored Glass": Faulkner, Race, and Mediationp
Kristin Fujie
Pages 411-438

"We Had Seen the World Dead": Virginia Woolf's Anthropomorphic Imagination"
Paul Stasi
Pages 439-457

A World Made Out of Stories: The Bliss of Literary Influence in Michael Chabon's Moonglow
Mattia Ravasi
Pages 458-481

Being Ethnic in a Bicultural Nation: Acts of Translation in Chinese New Zealand Fictions
Yu-ting Huang
Pages 482-510

Alison Bechdel's Fun Home: Queer Futurity and the Metamodernist Memoir
Meghan C. Fox
Pages 511-537

Book Reviews
Pages 538-572

Page 573

Pages 574-576

Issue 4

Editor: John N. Duvall
Associate Editor: Robert P. Marzec
General Issue

The Feminist Realism of Zadie Smith's On Beauty
Regina Martin
Pages 579-598

"Hounded by the Terrible Threat": Illness at the Edges of Citizenship in Carlos Bulosan's America Is in the Heart
James M. Fitz Gerald
Pages 599-617

Reporting is Not a Holy Word: Tim O'Brien's Edits in If I Die in a Combat Zone, Box Me Up and Ship Me Home, and The Things They Carried
David Buchanan
Pages 618-642

Minimalism as Detoxification
Michael Dango
Pages 643-675

"Why Will He Not Join the Guerrillas?": J. M. Coetzee's Life & Times of Michael K and the Politics of the Postcolonial Novel
Andrew Dean
Pages 676-699

The Death of the Self? Narrative Form, Intertextuality, and Autonomy in Joshua Ferris's Then We Came to the End
Aliki Varvogli
Pages 700-718

Book Reviews
Pages 719-748

Page 749

Pages 758