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Volume 4 - 1958

[Issue 1 2 3 4]

Issue 1

Editor: Maurice Beebe
Special Issue: James Joyce

Joyce's Notes for the Last Episodes of "Ulysses"
Walton Litz
Pages 3-20

The Role of Structure in Joyce's "Portrait"
Grant H. Redford
Pages 21-30

The Wings of Daedalus: Two Stories in "Dubliners"
Julian B. Kaye
Pages 31-41

Dramatic Archetypes in Joyce's "Exiles"
D. J. F. Aitken
Pages 42-52

The Incarnation in "Ulysses"
J. K. Russell
Pages 53-61

"White and Pink Elephants": "Finnegans Wake" and the Tradition of "Unintelligibility"
Robert Biermen
Pages 62-70

Criticism of James Joyce: A Selected Checklist with an Index to Studies of Separate Works
Maurice Beebe and Walton Litz
Pages 71-99

Issue 2

Editor: Maurice Beebe
General Issue

What Makes a Short Story Short?
Norman Friedman
Pages 103-117

Proust: The Invisible Stilts of Time
Albert Cook 
Pages 118-126

Who Was Gilbert Osmond?
R. W. Stallman
Pages 127-135

"Daddy's Girl": Symbol and Theme in "Tender Is the Night"
Robert Stanton
Pages 136-142

Kafka's "Metamorphosis": Realism and Unrealism
Norman N. Holland
Pages 143-150

Malcolm Lowry's "Under the Volcano"
George Woodcock
Pages 151-156

James the Old Intruder
John E. Tilford, Jr.
Pages 157-164

Dorothy Richardson, 1882-1957
Leon Edel
Pages 165-168

Faulkner's Raskolnikov
Frederick L. Gwynn
Pages 169-172

Conrad's "The End of the Tether": A New Reading
William T. Moynihan
Pages 173-176

On the Ending of "The Grapes of Wrath"
Theodore Pollock
Page 177-178

Modern Fiction Newsletter
Pages 179-196

Issue 3

Editor: Maurice Beebe
Special Issue: Fyodor Dostoevsky

Raskolnikov in Search of a Soul
Louise Dauner
Pages 199-211

Saint and Sinner--Dostoevsky's "Idiot"
Simon O. Lesser
Pages 211-224

Breaking Out of the Underground: The "Failure" of "A Raw Youth"
Nathan Rosen
Pages 225-239

Theme and Form in "The Brothers Karamazov"
Victor E. Amend
Pages 240-252

Raskolnikov and Lafcadio
Carl Niemeyer
Pages 253-261

The Grotesque in Dostoevsky
George Gibian
Pages 262-270

Dostoevsky in English: A Selected Checklist of Criticism and Translations
Maurice Beebe and Christopher Newton
Pages 271-291

Issue 4

Editor: Maurice Beebe
General Issue

Time and the Artist in Kafka and Hawthorne
Patricia Moyer
Pages 295-306

"The Secret Agent": Conrad's Vision of Megalopolis
Leo Gurko
Pages 307-318

Nathanel West, "Balso Snell," and the Mundane Millstone
James Light
Pages 319-328

Joyce and Blake: A Basic Source for "Finnegans Wake"
Karl Kiralis
Pages 329-334

James's "The Pupil": The Art of Seeing Through
Terence Martin
Pages 335-345

Alien Vision: The Techniques of Science Fiction
Stephen O. Mitchell
Pages 346-356

The "Hemingwaves" in Faulkner's "Wild Palms"
H. Edward Richardson
Pages 357-360

Crashing the Garden Party
Donald S. Taylor and Daniel A. Weiss
Pages 361-364

Modern Fiction Newsletter
Pages 365-385