Modern Fiction Studies Department of English

Volume 28 - 1982

[Issue 1 2 3 4]

Issue 1

Editors: Margaret Church and William T. Stafford
Special Issue: The Modern Short Story

A Preface
A. Walton Litz
Pages 3-4

Short Fiction and the Numinous Realm: Another Attempt at Definition
Mary Rohrberger and Dan E. Burns
Pages 5-12

Defining the Short Story: Impressionism and Form
Suzanne C. Ferguson
Pages 13-24

"Tess" and Tess: An Experiment in Genre
Suzanne Hunter Brown
Pages 25-44

Joyce's Narrative Strategies in "Araby"
L. J. Morrissey
Pages 45-52

Frank O'Connor and the Modern Irish Short Story
Richard F. Peterson
Pages 53-68

A Generic Approach to Babel's Red Calvary
Pages 69-78

Dino Buzzati's Fantastic Journalism
Lawrence Venuti
Pages 79-92

The Life of Art, the Art of Life: The Ascetic Aesthetics of Defeat in James's Stories of Writers and Artists
Brooke K. Horvath
Pages 93-108

Faulkner's Storied Novel: Go Down, Moses and the Translation of Time
Ronald Schleifer
Pages 109-128

Donald Barthelme and the End of the End
Thomas M. Leitch
Pages 129-144

Closure in Modern Short Fiction: Cheever's "The Enormous Radio" and "Artemis, the Honest Well Digger"
John Gerlach
Pages 145-152

Issue 2

Editors: Margaret Church and William T. Stafford
General Issue

Twain's Connecticut Yankee: The Entrepreneur as a Daimonic Hero
Lorne Fienberg
Pages 155-168

The Ludic Vision of William Faulkner
Michael Oriard
Pages 169-188

Beckett's Metaphorical Towns
Debra A. Castillo
Pages 189-200

Henry James's "The Story in It" and Gabriele D'Annunzio
Adeline R. Tintner
Pages 201-214

Mythic Vision and Ironic Allusion: Barbusse's Le Feu and Zola'sGerminal
Tobin H. Jones
Pages 215-228

Durrell's Fatal Cleopatra
Jane Lagoudis Pinchin
Pages 229-236

The Canonical Hours in Mrs. Dalloway
Harvena Richter
Pages 236-240

"And Seated Ye Shall Fall": Some Lexical Markers in Camus's "Jonas"
Allen H. Pasco
Pages 240-242

Theme and Structure in Tim O'Brien's Going after Cacciato
Dennis Vannatta
Pages 242-246

Correspondence: Fitzgerald vs. Hemingway: The Origins of Anti-Metronomic Dialogue
David Kerner
Pages 247-250

Recent Books on Modern Fiction

Page 372

Issue 3

Guest Editor: William J. Stuckey
Special Issue: Women Writers of the American South

A Preface
William J. Stuckey
Pages 375-378

"Ripe Figs": Kate Chopin in Miniature
Elaine Gardiner
Pages 379-382

Cultural Archetype and the Female Hero: Nature and Will in Ellen Glasgow's Barren Ground
Mary Castiglie Anderson
Pages 383-394

"The Other Side of Silence": Katherine Anne Porter's "He" as Tragedy
Bruce W. Jorgensen
Pages 395-404

Narrative Irony and Hidden Motivations in Katherine Anne Porter's "He"
Debra A. Moddelmog
Pages 05-414

Dreaming the Other in The Golden Apples
Lowry Pei
Pages 415-434

The Duality of Morgana: The Making of Virgie's Vision, the Vision of The Golden Apples
Elaine Upton Pugh
Pages 435-452

Autistic Gestures in The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
Frances Freeman Paden
Pages 453-464

Carson McCuller's Amazon Nightmare
Louise Westling
Pages 465-474

Rural Gothic: The Stories of Flannery O'Connor
Ronald Schleifer
Pages 475-486

The Eye vs. the Body: Individual and Communal Grotesquerie inWise Blood
Marshall Bruce Gentry
Pages 487-494

Tiptoeing through Taboo: Incest in "The Child Who Favored Daughter"
Trudier Harris
Pages 495-506

Recent Books on Women Writers of the American South
William J. Stuckey
Pages 507-518

Issue 4

Editor: William T. Stafford
General Issue

A Memorial Tribute: Margaret Church: 1920-1982
W.T.S., Hugo M. Reichard, Tom Myers, Thomas F. Staley
Pages 523-528

[Recycled Cycles]
Margaret Church
Pages 528-530

Falling Awake: Thoughts on Reading Kafka
Ralph Yarrow
Pages 531-544

"Melanctha" and the Psychology of William James
Lisa Ruddick
Pages 545-556

À la Recherche du Temps Perdu in One Hundred Years of Solitude
John P. McGowan
Pages 557-568

The World as Will and Idea: A Comparative Study of An American Dream and Mr. Sammler's Planet
Susan Glickman
Pages 569-582

Quest and Discovery: Joseph Conrad's And Carl Jung's African Journeys
Gloria L. Young
Pages 583-589

From Chronicle to Novel: Artistic Elaboration in Camus's La Peste
Laurence M. Porter
Pages 589-596

Dancing Daedalus: Another Source for Joyce's Portrait of the Artist
Ellen Cronan Rose
Pages 596-604

The Psychopath as Moral Agent in William Styron's Sophie's Choice
Allen Shepherd
Pages 604-612

Recent Books on Modern Fiction
Pages 613-742

Author and Subject Index: Volume 28
Pages 743-746

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