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Volume 48 - 2002

[Issue 1 2 3 4]

Issue 1

Guest Editor: Michael Bérubé
Special Issue: Postmodernism and the Globalization of English

(Note: This entire volume is available online through Project Muse)

Introduction: Worldy English
Michael Bérubé
Pages 1-17

Migrancy, the Cosmopolitan Intellectual, and the Global City inThe Satanic Verses
Gillian Gane
Pages 18-49

Globalization, Postcoloniality, and the Problem of Literary Studies in The Satanic Verses
Peter Kalliney
Pages 50-82

Re-Membering Hispaniola: Edwidge Danticat's The Farming of Bones
April Shemak
Pages 83-112

Countermemory and Return: Reclamation of the (Postmodern) Self in Jamaica Kincaid's The Autobiography of My Mother and My Brother
Louise Bernard
Pages 113-138

Ng ugi wa Thiong'o's Post-Nation: The Cultural Geographies of Colonial, Neocolonial, and Post-National Space
Oliver Lovesey
Pages 139-168

"A Country Dying on its Feet": Naipaul, Argentina and Britain
Kevin Foster
Pages 169-193

The Dialectic of Shame: Representation in the Meta-Narrative of Salman Rushdie's Shame
Ayelet Ben-Yishai
Pages 194-215

Review Essay: Criticism Goes Global: Postcolonial Approaches to English Modernism and English Travel Writing
Jeanne Dubino
Pages 216-226

Issue 2

Editor: John N. Duvall
Associate Editor: Siobhan Somerville
General Issue

(Note: This entire volume is available online through Project Muse)

Speeding Across the Rhizome: Deleuze Meets Kerouac On the Road
Marco Abel
Pages 227-256

The Women Do Not Travel: Gender, Difference, and Incommensurability in Conrad's Heart of Darkness
Gabrielle McIntire
Pages 257-284

Zora Neale Hurston and Modernism at the Critical Limit
Brian Carr and Tova Cooper
Pages 285-313

The Confounding Problem of Race: Passing and Adoption in Charles Chesnutt's The Quarry
Cynthia A. Callahan
Pages 314-340

The Jew in the Bath: Imperiled Imagination in Woolf's The Years
Maren Linettt
Pages 341-361

A Dangerous Circuit: Loss and the Boundaries of Racialized Subjectivity in Joy Kogawa's Obasan and Kerri Sakamoto's The Electrical Field
Marlene Goldman
Pages 362-388

Criminality and (Self) Discipline: The Case of Paul Auster
Joseph S. Walker
Pages 389-421

Postmodern Jewish Identity in Philip Roth's The Counterlife
Derek Parker Royal
Pages 422-443

Review Essay: Getting Over It: Messing Around at the Fin de Siècle
Emily Allen
Pages 444-452

Review Essay: Nationalism and Modernism
Sarah Cole
Pages 453-460

Review Essay: Black Narratives and Critical Theory: Two Responses
Chiji Akoma
Pages 461-469

Review Essay: Re-thinking Modernism after the 1990s
Christy L. Burns
Pages 470-479

Review Essay: Metaphors and Paranoia: Two Approaches to Contemporary American Fiction
Philip Nel
Pages 480-485

Biannual Index: Volumes 46 & 47
Pages 542-550

Issue 3

Editor: John N. Duvall
Associate Editor: Siobhan Somerville
General Issue

(Note: This entire volume is available online through Project Muse)

Editor's Note
John N. Duvall
Page 551

Refiguring National Character: The Remains of the British Estate Novel
John J. Su
Pages 552-580

"I Made the Ink": Identity, Complicity, 60 Million, and More
Naomi Mandel
Pages 581-613

Of Fanciers, Footnotes, and Fascism: Virginia Woolf's Flush
Anna Snaith
Pages 614-636

Impersonation and Other Disappearing Acts in Native Speaker by Chang-rae Lee
Tina Chen
Pages 637-667

Corso, Ricorso: Historical Repetition and Cultural Reflection in A. S. Byatt's Possession: A Romance
Lynn Wells
Pages 668-692

Postpatriarchal Endings in Recent US Fiction
Ellen G. Friedman
Pages 693-712

Review Essay: Implication or Application? Theory in Recent Approaches to Conrad
Stephen Ross
Pages 713-726

Generational Hauntings: The Family Romance in Contemporary Fictions of Raced History
Kimberly Chabot Davis
Pages 727-736

Defining Caribbean Identity
Jarrod Hayes
Pages 737-746

Issue 4

Guest Editor: Siobhan Somerville
Special Issue: Queer Fictions of Race

(Note: This entire volume is available online through Project Muse)

Queer Fictions of Race
Siobhan Somerville
Pages 787-794

The Russian Connection: Interracialism as Queer Alliance in Langston Hughes's The Ways of White Folk
Kate A. Baldwin
Pages 795-824

Race, Capitalism, and the Third-Sex Ideal: Claude McKay's Home to Harlem and the Legacy of Edward Carpenter
Michael Maiwald
Pages 825-857

"The Most Outrageous Masquerade": Queering Asian-American Masculinity
Crystal Parikh
Pages 858-898

Sweetback Style: Wallace Thurman and a Queer Harlem Renaissance
Stephen Knadler
Pages 899-936

Secret Dossiers: Sexuality, Race, and Treason in Proust and the Dreyfus Affair
Erin G. Carlston
Pages 937-968

Queering Black Patriarchy: The Salvific Wish and Masculine Possibility in Alice Walker's The Color Purple
Candice M. Jenkins
Pages 969-1000

Breeding (and) Reading: Lesbian Knowledge, Eugenic Discipline, and The Children's Hour
Mikko Tuhkanen
Pages 1001-1040

Undergoing Racial "Reassignment": The Politics of Transracial Crossing in Sinclair Lewis's Kingsblood Royal
Andrea K. Newlyn
Pages 1041-1074