Modern Fiction Studies Department of English

Volume 20 - 1974

[Issue 1 2 3 4]

Issue 1

Editors: William T. Stafford and Margaret Church
Special Issue: John Updike

John Updike's Literary Apprenticeship on The Harvard Lampoon
Robert McCoy
Pages 3-12

It's the Going That's Important, Not the Getting There: Rabbit's Questing Non-Quest
Joseph Waldmeir
Pages 13-28

The Centaur: Myth, History, and Narrative
John B. Vickery
Pages 29-44

Updike's Couples: Squeak in the Night
Paula and Nick Backscheider
Pages 45-52

"A Craftsman's Intimate Satisfactions": The Parlor Games inCouples
Alan T. McKenzie
Pages 53-58

Rabbit Redux: Time/Order/God
Wayne Falke
Pages 59-76

Updike's Symbol of the Center
Robert Alton Regan
Pages 77-96

Has John Updike Anything to Say?
Robert S. Gingher
Pages 97-106

The Psycholinguistics of Updike's "Museums and Women"
Alfred F. Rosa
Pages 107-111

Updike's Artist's Dilemma: "Should Wizard Hit Mommy?"
Albert J. Griffith
Pages 111-115

Updike FourFiveSix, "Just Like That": An Essay Review
W. T. S.
Pages 115-120

Criticism of John Updike: A Selected Checklist
Arlin G. Meyer, with Michael A. Olivas
Pages 121-135

Issue 2

Editors: William T. Stafford and Margaret Church
General Issue

Does America Know The Stranger? A Reappraisal of a Translation
John E. Gale
Pages 139-148

Moby-Dick and Under the Volcano: Poetry from the Abyss
Richard K. Cross
Pages 149-156

The Distanced Heart: Artistry in E. M. Forster's Maurice
Douglass Bolling
Pages 157-168

Of George and Lennie and Curley's Wife: Sweet Violence in Steinbeck's Eden
Mark Spilka
Pages 169-180

The War Within Nathanael West: Naturalism and Existentialism
Daniel R. Brown
Pages 181-202

Home and the Uses of Creative Nostalgia in Doctor Zhivago
René E. Fortin
Pages 203-210

Ms. Elisa Allen and Steinbeck's "The Chrysanthemums"
Charles A. Sweet, Jr.
Pages 210-214

Eliot's "Tradition" and The Sound and the Fury
Diane C. Naples
Pages 214-217

Turgenev and the Genesis of "A Painful Case"
Paul Delany and Dorothy E. Young
Pages 217-221

Two Brief Manuscript Sketches: Heller's Catch-22
James Nagel
Pages 221-224

Recent Books on Modern Fiction
Pages 225-301

Issue 3

Editors: William T. Stafford and Margaret Church
Special Issue: Experimental Fiction

Understanding New Fiction
Myron Greenman
Pages 307-317

Character and Imagination in the Experimental Novel
Robert S. Ryf
Pages 317-328

"And All the Little Typtopies": Notes on Language Theory in the Contemporary Experimental Novel
Stanley Fogel
Pages 328-337

Gertrude Stein's "Magnificent Asparagus": Horizontal Vision and Unmeaning in "Tender Buttons"
David D. Cooper
Pages 337-349

The Vault of Language: Self-Reflective Artifice in Contemporary American Fiction
Charles Russell
Pages 349-359

The Cinematic Self of Jerzy Kosinski
Samuel Coale
Pages 359-371

Experimentation with a Landscape: Pornotopography in Ulysses--The Phallocy of Imitative Form
Phillip F. Herring
Pages 371-378

Experimentation with the Grotesque: Comic Collisions in the Grotesque World of Ulysses
Richard Pearce
Pages 378-384

Experimentation with a Symbol from Mythology: The Courses of the Comets in the "Ithaca" Chapter of Ulysses
K. E. Marre
Pages 385-391

The Illusion of Fiction in Frank Conroy's Stop-Time
Roger Ramsey
Pages 391-399

Style and Obscurity in Samuel Beckett's Early Fiction
Rubin Rabinovitz
Pages 399-407

Character as a Way of Knowing in A La Recherche du Temps Perdu: The Baron de Charlus
Clarice Fisher
Pages 407-419

Functional Complexity: The Narrative Techniques of The Plague
Edwin Moses
Pages 419-429

Couching Natives in Robbe-Grillet's Jealousy
Daniel P. Deneau
Pages 429-436

Reading Compact
James Leigh
Pages 437-446

Issue 4

Editors: William T. Stafford and Margaret Church
General Issue

V. K. Ratliff: A Portrait of the Artist in Motion
Joseph F. Trimmer
Pages 451-468

Shem is a Sham but Shaun is a Ham, or Samuraising the Twins inFinnegans Wake
Grace Eckley
Pages 469-482

Upton Sinclair, Lanny, and the Liberals
Jon A. Yoder
Pages 483-504

C. S. Lewis' Trilogy: A Cosmic Romance
Kathryn Hume
Pages 505-518

Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God: Black Novel of Sexism
S. Jay Walker
Pages 519-528

The Significance of the Man-Trap in The Woodlanders
Mary M. Saunders
Pages 529-531

Sherwood Anderson, Thomas Hardy, and "Tandy"
Luther S. Luedtke
Pages 531-540

The Great Gatsby's "Romance of Motoring" and "The Cruise of Rolling Junk"
Roderick S. Speer
Pages 540-543

Počvenničestvo--Evolution of an Ideology
Ellen Chances
Pages 543-551

A Clue to John Ray, Jr.
Edward Proffitt
Pages 551-553

Pages 553-556

Recent Books on Modern Fiction
Pages 557-616

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