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Employee Discipline

Purdue subscribes to a policy of constructive or progressive discipline. For this reason, department heads are advised to “use their best judgment to keep discipline constructive in action and intent.” The Office of Human Resources has guidelines for administering a Progressive Disciplinary Action program. It is the responsibility of supervisors to keep employees fully informed as to what their duties are and appropriate behavior expected of them. When discipline is administered, it should be done so in a timely fashion and should be based on doctrines of fairness and consistency. For questions regarding employee discipline, contact Dave Jones, CLA liaison with Human Resource Services.

Purdue's Policy on Research Misconduct (VIII.3.1) describes the University's policies and procedures concerning allegations of research misconduct against a person who, at the time of the alleged misconduct, was engaged in research at Purdue. The University will address all allegations of research misconduct and all discipline assessed in connection with research misconduct exclusively under this policy.

In addition, Executive Memorandum B-48, already referred to in the section on tenure and promotion, describes what procedures must be followed in the case of dismissing a tenured faculty member for cause or a non-tenured member of the faculty for any reason prior to the expiration of his or her contract. Information on procedures for terminating the employment of a clerical/service staff or administrative/professional member is available from Dave Jones.