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Review of Liberal Arts Department Heads

University Policy VI.F.3 addresses the requirement of a review of administrative offices by their supervisors “on a periodic basis.”  No more than five years can lapse between reviews. Click on Administrative Review Procedures to view a CLA document describing the procedures for reviewing deans, department heads, and directors in the college.  If you have questions about the process, contact Dean Reingold.

In addition to the five-year review, the dean evaluates each department head’s performance on an annual basis in the spring semester.  The head’s performance will be evaluated in the following areas:  administration (including knowledge and implementation of University and college policies and procedures; and leadership of new initiatives), faculty and staff development (including recruitment and promotion), implementation of University, college, and departmental strategic plan goals (including enhancing faculty, student, and staff diversity; departmental engagement activities; interdisciplinary research and teaching; international activities; and fundraising).