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Undergraduate Students in the School of Languages and Cultures


The School of Languages and Cultures’s intrinsic mission is to promote global understanding while ensuring undergraduate students the best world language education possible. Their skills and cultural awareness will traverse boundaries and borders and help create a truly global community for the future. SLC is home to 15 different language programs, the Comparative Literature program, and the Center for NeuroHumanities

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The School of Languages and Cultures offers courses in language, literature, linguistics, culture, civilization, and film. Instruction is provided in fifteen  languages , with majors, world language teaching track licensures, minors and certificates. Language clubs and honoraries, guest lectures, international film series also allow our students to enhance their knowledge and experience of other languages and cultures.

Majors         Minors


The College of Liberal Arts (CLA) has a wide range of undergraduate scholarships to assist incoming and current students in taking their next giant leap. Factors such as merit, leadership, and/or financial need are considered when making award decisions. Additionally, SLC major and minor students have other scholarship options to support study abroad programs and help students participating in these programs offset some of the cost.

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Academic Advising

Academic advising is essential to student success at Purdue University. Your academic advisor will help you explore personal, academic, and career goals, including questions concerning your major, academic programs, graduation requirements, and University regulations.

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Career Development

Go beyond classroom learning and stand out to potential employers, graduate schools, and professional programs through study abroad, undergraduate research, internships, and more.


Beyond the Classroom

Each semester undergraduate students have the opportunity to participate in research under faculty mentorship, culminating in a Research Expo (fall) or Undergraduate Conference (spring) where students will showcase their findings.


Study Abroad

SLC offers several study abroad programs in order to accommodate our students.  These programs will vary by many different criteria, including cost, onsite support, accommodations, who you will take courses with, dates and lengths, courses available and language abilities.