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Welcome to the homepage for the Arabic Language Program at Purdue University! 

The Arabic program at SLC at Purdue offers Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Arabic language courses. Besides giving access to rich cultural and educational experiences, a command of Arabic will make you eligible for job opportunities in education, journalism, foreign service, intelligence, technology, consulting, banking, and finance. 

The program combines language learning with the study of Arab culture.  Students can take courses in  English on Arabic literature such as ARAB 230 Arabic Literature in TranslationARAB 239 Arab Women Writers, and courses that focus on intellectual, literary, artistic, and cultural themes in Arab and Muslim cultures, such as  ARAB 587 Modern Arab Thought, ARAB 334 North African Literature and Culture, and ARAB 281 Introduction to Islamic Civilization and Culture.

Students in the Arabic program can use the courses toward a  Minor in Arabic and an Interdisciplinary  Minor in Islamic Studies . For information on the two minors, please contact Dr. Ahmed Idrissi Alami.

Students can also take Arabic language and culture classes through the Morocco Study Abroad program.

Native speakers of Arabic are not eligible to enroll in ARAB 101 through ARAB 302. These courses are designed specifically for non-native speakers.  If you have any questions about the Arabic placement exam or would like more information about the Arabic program, please contact Mr. Lhousseine Guerwane, the coordinator of the Arabic language program.