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Departments and Programs

The School of Languages and Cultures (SLC) offers study in the following areas: American Sign Language, Arabic, Asian Studies, Chinese, Classics (Ancient Greek and Latin), Comparative Literature, French, German, Hebrew (Biblical and Modern), Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. We also have a World Language Education program which offers Teaching Major Concentrations in six of our languages.

Under the leadership of the SLC head, Dr. Jen William, language programs are organized into departments led by faculty chairs and program directors. SLC departments function largely as independent units within the School, while contributing their efforts toward the common goals of strengthening our research profile and ensuring the success of all SLC students.

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American Sign Language, Arabic, Classics, Hebrew and Italian

AACHI comprises a variety of academic programs, including the languages and cultures of American Sign Language (ASL), Arabic, Classical Studies (Classics, Ancient Greek, Latin), Biblical and Modern Hebrew, and Italian. It offers majors in Classical Studies and Italian Studies, along with a B.A. degree with a Latin Teaching Concentration. Minors in ASL, Arabic, Classical Studies, and Italian Studies are also offered, along with interdisciplinary majors and minors in Religious Studies.  
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ASL Arabic Classics Hebrew Italian

Comparative Literature

Comparative Literature is an interdisciplinary program that emphasizes the comparative study of literature and cultures across languages, genres, art forms and periods. It combines the development of critical analytical skills and language proficiency with appreciation of the relationship between literary expression and other forms of cultural production and creative practices in the humanities and the social sciences.
Purdue University offers the B.A., M.A., and Ph.D degrees in comparative Literature. 

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East Asian Languages

EAL Includes the study of languages in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, offering a wide range in programs options for undergraduate and graduate students. Majors in Chinese and Japanese are available programs for undergraduate students. Graduate students can opt for M.A. program and Ph.D. program in Japanese.
In addition to offering minors in Chinese and Japanese, EAL currently offers Korean coursework, and possibly will become a minor soon. 
EAL participates in interdisciplinary majors in Asian Studies, as well as interdisciplinary minors in Asian Studies, and Asian American Studies.
Learn more about these programs here:

Chinese   Japanese   Korean   Asian Studies


The French Department offers various options for undergraduate and graduate students seeking to study French. Majors in French Language and Culture, or the French Teaching Concentration, as well as three different minors are available for undergradute students.  
Graduate students can pursue either a Masters of Arts degree and/or a doctoral degree under the gidance of faculty with diverse and extensive research and teaching experience. All our graduate students receive teaching assistantships.

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German and Russian

The School of Languages and Cultures offers undergraduate Majors and Minors in both German and Russian. There is a wide array of courses for students to choose from. Courses focus on German and Russian language, literature, linguistics, culture, and film. Students can also broaden their language studies with courses like German for Science and Engineering, Business Russian, German for International Trade, and more.  

You can find out more about the indiviual German and Russian programs here:

German      Russian

Spanish and Portuguese

Purdue University's School of Languages and Cultures offers B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees in Spanish. Minors in Spanish, Spanish for the Professions, and Portuguese are also offered.
The Spanish and Portuguese faculty have outstanding credentials with a strong commitment to research and teaching. Graduate students count with individual attention from professors, a competitive assistanship, and working in a friendly and supportive environment.
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