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NeuroHumanities at Purdue


The Center for NeuroHumanities is a multi-departmental coalition dedicated to exploring the nexus where humanities and cognitive theory come together. Drawing on discourses in the sciences and the humanities, the Center promotes and develops research that explores not only an empirical understanding of the mind as found in Psychology, Biology, Neuroscience, and Information Theory, but also its theoretical development in Philosophy, and its representation in Literature, and the discursive relationship between all of the "kinds of minds." The Center also encourages other scientific, quantitative, and consilient approaches to literary theory, including, but not limited to, evolutionary and anthropological approaches.

At Purdue, the Center is seeking to become an interdisciplinary program that provides both an organizing structure within and across existing departments and courses at Purdue, as well as offering its own unique courses specifically dedicated to the study of cognitive literary theory. In the near future, the Center will offer an undergraduate-level, year-long, introductory course in Cognitive Theory, as well as a graduate-level seminar.

Additionally, the Center will be inviting and hosting speakers from a variety of related fields. These speakers will be from both the extended national and international academic community, as well as from within Purdue's own flourishing program.



Fall 2022 - Society for Literature, Science and the Arts Conference, "Reading Minds: Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, and the Reading Human," Purdue University, October 6-9, 2022 (see Call for Papers here)

TBA - Guest Lecture: "The Dark Sides of Empathy," Dr. Fritz Breithaupt, Provost Professor of Germanic Studies, Affiliated Professor of Cognitive Science, and Director of Experimental Humanities Lab, Indiana University (time and venue TBA)

Fall 2019 - Colloquium: " Measuring the Impact of Narrative, Humanities, and the Arts: A Showcase of Current Research at Purdue," November 12, 2019

For faculty and students at Purdue who would like to be kept informed about upcoming Center events, information on how to join our new local listserve can be found here:

(Co)Ignition is the steering committee behind the development and progression of the Center's goals and programs and holds regular meetings that are open to the public in order to encourage and promote the study of cognition and literature. Check the Reading Group page for further information on upcoming meetings, reading selections, and other related events!

The Center also welcomes feedback from visitors to the site. Tell us what you thought was useful, what wasn't helpful, and what you would like to see in the future.