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Graduate Student Committee

Starting in April 2010, the School of Languages and Cultures established a graduate student-run organization to oversee the responsibilities and extra-curricular activities of the graduate students. The goal is to have more transparency within the department and to strengthen and further enrich the academic experience as a whole for all students. Through this group, the committee hopes to provide resources, support, and encouragement for incoming and current students of the department so that upon graduation, whether it be after the completion of a Master's degree or a Ph.D., all students are prepared for their careers in teaching, academia or any other field. The Graduate Student Committee is divided into several subcommittees which are always looking for additional volunteers. We understand that schedules are tight (they are for all of us), but we hope that each graduate student can spare a few hours every semester so that this organization can accomplish what it set out to do: to make your experience in the School of Languages and Cultures at Purdue exciting and rewarding!