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Issue 30.1

Sarah Edwards – “Retrospect”
Kathleen Hellen – “For All the World I Overlook…”
Donna Gary – “Mouth”
Heather Christle – “Duck” and “Final Offer”
Dylan Weir – “Prisons I Visited with My Father”
shelley feller – “♫♫depending on how you see/ a thing, the ship is free/ or it is sinking♫♫”
Ronda Broatch – “Forgive Me, My Tangerines Sour and Neglected”
Clare Harmon – “Play It Again, Sam!”
Teo Mungaray – “Self-Portrait as Death”
Sarah Gridley – “Insofar”
Brandon Jordan Brown – “O tired man O O a man”
Daniel Schonning – “In Adam’s Room (I)”

Andrew Gretes – “Advanced Humor”
Kathryn Atwood – “The O-Bone”
Daniel M. Jaffe – “Cobblestone Elegy”
Bruce Johnson – “The Knack”

Jo-Ann Berelowitz – “Epiphany”
Winner of the 2018 Wabash Prize for Nonfiction
Pamela Baker – “The Other Land”
William Cordeiro – “Youth”
Jeff Albers – “Listening Room”
Runner-Up for the 2018 Wabash Prize for Nonfiction
Kelly Martineau – “Patterning”
Finalist for the 2018 Wabash Prize for Nonfiction

Sex, Death, Gender, Bodies, Sex, Death, Illness, Sex, Death, Bodies: A Conversation with Carmen Maria Machado
Allowing Someone Else to Inhabit Us: A Conversation with Vievee Francis & Matthew Olzmann

Josh Bell (Contributor, Sycamore Review Issue 14.1)
Adam Johnson (Contributor, Sycamore Review Issue 8.1)
Dorianne Laux (Contributor, Sycamore Review Issue 17.2)
Neil Myers (Founding Faculty Member of Sycamore Review)

Cover art by Marianne Boruch
Inside art by Alexis Toumazis