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34: Coda (Our Final Issue!)

Final issue poster

Ezza Ahmed, “Old River Myth” 
Muyaka bin Haji al-Ghassaniy, “Arise!”
(translated from the Swahili by Richard Prins)
Rolf Gjedsted, “Watering in the Mountains”
(translated from the Danish by Michael Favala Goldman)
KD Harryman, “Passenger”
Park Jookseo, “Dear Keum-Won”
(translated from the Korean by Suphil Lee Park)
Heather Knox, “Equinox”
(Winner, 2023 Wabash Prize for Poetry)
Eros Livieratos, “and you should have it”
Abril Medina, “You couldn't”
(translated from the Spanish by Logan James Campbell)
Genta Nishku, “sound, sea”
António Osório, “Stupor”; “I don't want penury”
(translated from the Portuguese by Patricio Ferrari & Susan Margaret Brown)
Antonia Pozzi, “Haven”
(translated from the Italian by Amy Newman)
Philip Schaefer, “Creature Master”
Purvi Shah, “Wrangler,”
(Runner-Up, 2023 Wabash Prize for Poetry)
Rachel Stempel, “ode to bygone puppet”
Rose Zinnia, “enfleshed / in the human / iwe flummox / & skyscrape”
Patrick Font, “Just Like Honey”
Anita Harag, “July”
(translated from the Hungarian by Marietta Morry & Walter Burgess)
Ammi Keller, “You Will Never Know Anybody”
Caroline Plasket, “Jenny and Zach”
Vincent Poturica, “YOLO”
Areej Quraishi, “The Imam's Bride”
(Winner, 2023 Wabash Prize for Fiction)
Salvy Snr, “farewell, winter”
(Runner-Up, 2023 Wabash Prize for Fiction)
Santiago Vizcaíno, “Curfew”
(translated from the Spanish by Kimrey Anna Batts)
Clint Martin, “A Dance with the Bloodthirsty”
Nina Gilden Seavey, “The Fugitive's Paradox”
2023 Purdue Literary Awards Interview with Tracy K. Smith
Visiting Writers Series Guest Q&A with Michael X. Wang
L. Acadia
Thanks to Luther Hughes and Dur e Aziz Amna, judges of the 2023 Wabash Prizes in Poetry and Fiction, respectively.