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Issue 27.1

Angela Voras-Hills – “All-Inclusive Trip to the Land of Milk and Honey”
Gabriella R. Tallmadge – “The Hypnotist Suggests the Word History”
Gabriella R. Tallmadge – “The Hypnotist Suggests the Word Hunger”
Doug Ramspeck – “Crow Light”
Cal Freeman – “Epistle to the Bandog”
Cal Freeman – “How to Make Rites of Certain Habits”
Alexander Chisum – “do-si-do”
Matthew Moser Miller – “Limberlost”
Clay Cantrell – “A Poem for the Community”
Christine Larusso – “I never let strange men into my home”
Christine Larusso – “Lunar Understanding”
Rebecca Macijeski – “Hear”
Rebecca Macijeski – “Virgil’s Pockets”
Michael Marberry – “Mourning Ghazal”

Micah Dean Hicks – “Ghost Jeep”
Winner of the 2015 Wabash Prize for Fiction
Kevin Grauke – “The Silver Peeper”
Victoria Lancelotta – “A Little Mercy”
Chase Burke – “Road Trip Postcards to My Father”
Heather Lefebvre – “We Welcome All Sorts”
Peter Grimes – “Notes of a Heart-Eater”
Emily Temple – “Things That Belong in the Body of Eleanor”

Dani Hedlund – “What a Man Must Not”
Hege Anita Jakobsen Lepri – “Summer with Lolita”

by WaZeil