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33.2: The Noncompliant Issue

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p. hodges adams, “signifier” 
Rachel J. Bennett, “3D”
Kelly Clare, “Road Hazard”
Jie Venus Cohen, “Salome”
Benjamin Grimes, “Prison Planet”
Jacob Griffin Hall, “At the Intersection of Peyton and Harlan”
Megan Kim, “Poem as Wider Than & Including You & Me”
(2021 Wabash Prize for Poetry)*
Seth Leeper, “the cowboy love song i was denied”
Vincent Antonio Rendoni, “A Family of Axolotls”
Kristel Rietesel-Low, “Trying to Stay Positive”
Quinn Forlini, “Tears, or it Doesn't Count”
Wilhelm Sitz, “Bird-Watching”
Elizabeth Tarver, “The Spectacular Madeline Leblanc”
(2021 Wabash Prize for Fiction)
Annie Trinh, “Gift” 
Hila Amit, “The Task of Deciding”
Ploi Pirapokin, “Reading Comprehension: Fuck-It Friends”
Marcus Spiegel, “The Inglorious Beatitude of the Mall Cop”
Lissette Lopez Szwydky-Davis, “Pear-Shaped Hole”
2022 Purdue Literary Awards Interview With Claudia Rankine
Brandon “Eat Humans” McClain
Thanks to Joy Priest and Julian K. Jarboe, judges of the 2021 Wabash Prizes in Poetry and Fiction, respectively.
* Sincere apologies to prize-winning poet Megan Kim for the misprinted title of her poem in this issue as “Poem as Wider Than Including You & Me” instead of “Poem as Wider Than & Including You & Me.”