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Issue 32.2

Amy Sailer, “Red House,” Winner of the 2020 Wabash Prize in Poetry
Kelly Weber, “Nuptial Bones”
AE Hines, “Gay Divorce”
Hannah VanderHart, “Morning Tasks in Vermont”
Adam D. Weeks, “Paradelle with Failing Language”
Emma Aylor, “Harriet Mackie (The Dead Bride)”
Samia Saliba, “A History of Glass”
Kyle Bello, “Because Envy Leads Us Where We Need to Go”
Micah Daniel McCrotty, “Chatter Marks”
Doug Ramspeck, “Kneeling Before the Severed Head of Earth”
Karlyn Coleman, “Staging,” Winner of the 2020 Wabash Prize in Fiction
Sam Simas, “The Water Men”
Sarah Layden, “Gone for Good”
Anita Gopalan, “The Book Cover Tells a Tale”
Jimmy Kindree, “Ballo”
Sarah Fawn Montgomery, “Tumble”
Naakai Eshe Dzole Addy, “3-Step Face Mask”
Jessica Kulynych, “Ballet, Life”
Kaitlyn Burd, “Gut Feeling”
Tracy Guiteau