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Issue 31.1

Jeff Whitney – “Dear Phil,”
Aurielle Marie – “Hymns with Noname”
Brian Woerner – “Icon”
Maria Isabella Carlos – “Reunion with Rain and Radio”
Jacob Lindberg – “Epithalamium”
Rage Hezekiah – “Sudbury Community Garden”
Jennifer Martelli – “The Cashew is the Nut of All Sadness”
Patrick Kindig – “On Consciousness”
Michael Hurley – “Paper Maddie Recalls the Prince of Salt’s Estate”
Laura Wetherington & Hannah Ensor – “Feel Piece Seventeen”
Michela L. Garabedian – “Fresno”
Jasmine Dreame Wagner – “Our Lives”

Gloria L. Huang – “Medusa Reborn”
Peter D. Gorman – “A Match for Mickey”
Elissa C. Huang – “The Zoo”
Matthew Callan – “Marina”

Su Cho – “Cleaving Translation”
Winner of the 2019 Wabash Prize for Nonfiction
Angie O’Neal – “Pieces”
Gina Troisi – “A Hunger”
Jenny Irish – “Murmuration”

Laurѐnѐѐ Gauvin