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Recent Publications from the Lab

Olson, D. J. (2023). A systematic review of proficiency assessment methods in bilingualism research. International Journal of Bilingualism, 1–36. [pdf]

Olson, D. J. (2023). Measuring language dominance: An examination of the reliability of the Bilingual Language Profile. Language Testing, 40(3), 521–547. [pdf]

Olson, D. J. (2022). The Bilingual Code-Switching Profile (BCSP): Assessing the reliability and validity of the BCSP questionnaire. Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism, 1–29. [pdf]

Olson, D. J. (Accepted). Code-switching and language mode effects in the phonetics and phonology of bilinguals. In M. Amengual (Ed.), The Cambridge Handbook of Bilingual Phonetics and Phonology (pp. 1–19). Cambridge University Press. [email for pdf]

Olson, D. J. (Accepted). Linking linguistic theory and second language pedagogy: An example from second language pronunciation and phonetics. Proceedings of the Purdue Linguistics Symposium (pp. 1–10). [email for pdf]
Offerman, H. M., & Olson, D. J. (2023). Speech visualization for pronunciation instruction: Exploring instructor support in L2 learner attitudes towards visual feedback. In S. McCrocklin (Ed.). Technological resources for second language pronunciation learning and teaching: Research-based approaches (pp. 1–33). Lexington Books. [email for pdf]
Zhou, A., Dmitrieva, O., & Olson, D. (2022). The effect of allophonic variability on L2 contrast perception: Evidence from the perception of English vowels. Journal of Acoustic Society of America- Express Letters, 2, 125201. [pdf]

Olson, D. J. (2022). Visual feedback and relative vowel duration in L2 pronunciation: The curious case of stressed and unstressed vowels. In J. Levis & A. Guskaroska (Eds.), Proceedings of the 12th Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching Conference (pp. 1–12). [pdf]

Olson, D. J. (2022). Phonetic feature size in second language acquisition: Examining VOT in voiceless and voiced stops. Second Language Research,  38(4), 913–940. [pdf]

Olson, D. J., & Offerman, H. M. (2021). Maximizing the effect of visual feedback for pronunciation instruction: A comparative analysis of three approaches. Journal of Second Language Pronunciation, 7(1), 89-115. [pdf]

Olson, D. J. (2020). Short-term sources of cross-linguistic phonetic influence: Examining the role of linguistic environment. Languages 5(4), 43. [pdf]

Czerwionka, L. & Olson, D. J. (2020). Pragmatic development during study abroad: L2 intensifiers in spoken Spanish. International Journal of Learner Corpus Research 6(2), 125–162. [pdf]

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Olson, D. J. (2017). Bilingual language switching costs in auditory comprehension. Language, Cognition, and Neuroscience, 34(1), 494-513.  [pdf]

Yakushkina M., & Olson, D. J. (2017). Language use and identity in the Cuban community in Russia. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, 38(1), 50-64.  [pdf]

Olson, D. J. (2016). The gradient effect of context on language switching and lexical access in bilingual production. Journal of Applied Psycholinguistics, 37(3), 725-756.  [pdf]

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Olson, D. J. (2013). Bilingual language switching and selection at the phonetic Level: Asymmetrical transfer in VOT production. Journal of Phonetics, 41, 407-420.  [pdf]