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Instructional Resources

Resources for Pronunciation Instructions with Praat

An ongoing project in the Purdue Bilingualism Lab has been to design and test pedagogical materials for pronunciation instruction. Among several methods, the use of visual feedback has been shown to be beneficial for improving the pronunciation skills of second language learners. At its core, this approach consists of using speech analysis software, like Praat (Boersma & Weenink, 2019), to allow students to visualize their own productions and compare them with native speaker productions of the target language. Praat is a free software program commonly used in linguistic research, available from . While additional research is needed to further test and develop this approach, we are happy to share some of the pedagogical materials that have been designed.
This project was supported by a grant from the at Purdue University. Heather Offerman and Ana Jessica Hernández Morales have contributed significantly to the broader project.

Sample Visual Feedback Activities

Activities will be uploaded soon! In the meantime, feel free to contact us for information.

Research on Visual Feedback for Pronunciation Instruction

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