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As a courtesy to the campus community, the School of Languages and Cultures maintains a list of qualified translators. These translators are considered private contractors and, although many of them are affiliated with Purdue, the School of Languages and Cultures is not responsible for the quality of their performance as translators or interpreters, whether the activity takes place on or off campus. Fees are negotiated directly between translator and client.
Turn around times may vary between translators, but you should foresee a minimum of one week. Check directly with the translators for their availability and turn around time.

For the translation of official documents such as driver's licenses or birth certificates that our staff prints out on SLC letterhead or for which other SLC supplies are used, there will be a $5 administrative fee. (For Chinese documents there is a separate system, see HERE). For questions about the translation and processing of official documents, please contact Tatiana Elistratova (

For consultation on other types of translation projects, please contact Ms. Cecilia Tenorio (


Idrissi Alami -


For a translation of a Chinese driver's license or other official document, email a PDF of the license or other document to (


Emmanuelle Ben Hadj - Lecturer in French and Film, and the coordinator of the French program at Purdue. She is a certified translator who used to work for French television. She can provide technical, juridical, administrative, and literary translation and interpretation services from French to English, or English to French. 


Marc Rathmann -  A continuing lecturer in SLC and native speaker of German. He teaches German courses on the intermediate and advanced language level, including Business German and German for Science and Engineering. He is a member of the American Translators Association (ATA) and has worked on a great variety of translations over the years. These include personal documents such as educational records, driver’s licenses, and certificates.


Annalisa Mosca -  A native bilingual Italian-English speaker. She is also the Coordinator of Italian Language Levels at Purdue as well as the leader of the faculty-led "A multi-cultural experience - Trieste Summer Abroad". She has extensive teaching and freelance translating experience for all kinds of disciplines. She translates both from and into Italian and English. Her main recent translation duties are for the drivers's licenses and other documents, such as degrees, transcripts, citizenship documents, marriage certificates. The work you will receive is very professional and your documents will be easily recognizable in translated form. the fee is a different flat rate for every document page. Please also inquire about other types of translations to see if, depending on the job, it is feasible as a freelance or if it requires a project-type grant or budget.


Atsushi Fukada -


Huai-Rhim Kim -


Ana M. Grandlienard -  Native Spanish speaker, born and raised in Colombia and moved to the USA in 1984. She earned a BA degree in 1991 and later obtained an MA in Teaching Spanish in 2008, both from Purdue University. She taught ESL for 2½ years in Colombia, Spanish at all levels for 9 years at Purdue while interpreting and translating on the side, but in 2004 she had the opportunity to start in the field of legal interpretation. She holds a professional certification through the National Consortium for Certified Interpreters in the Spanish language for the State of Indiana since 2005 and continued working part-time for the Tippecanoe County Courthouse. In 2011, she took a full-time position as Senior Court Interpreter for the same County and continues to translate documents (school transcripts, diplomas, birth & marriage certificates, driver’s licenses, etc.).

Soledad Morales-Serrano -  Languages: Spanish, English; Studies: School of languages (English & French), School of Tourism of Murcia, Spain, Purdue University (B.S. Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt.); Experience: Independent contractor as Spanish/English Interpreter for Indianapolis Interpreters, Interpreting Services, and Luna Language Services since 2002.

Norma Saenz -  Born in Guatemala move to the United States at the age of 16. Graduated with a Asociate of Applied Science in paralegal studies from Ivy Tech, a BA in History and Political Science from Indiana University, and a Master of Arts in Spanish Linguistics from Purdue University. My experience as a tutor and as a translator started Ivy Tech in 2005 and continues to the present time. Translating a variety of documents from legal to medical translations. I have also served as a interpreter for the logansport court house and for independent clients at law firms and medical clinics.