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SLC Interdisciplinary Symposium in Liberal Arts

Every spring semester, the SLC Graduate Student Committee organizes the Interdisciplinary Symposium in Liberal Arts. This event aims to foster connections among graduate students, both within and beyond Purdue University. Each year, the symposium explores different themes. We welcome proposals related to the annual theme as well as those covering various areas of liberal arts, including Languages and Cultures, Linguistics, Anthropology, Art and Design, Communication, History, English, Interdisciplinary Studies, Philosophy, Sociology, Political Science, Language Education, and Theatre. Even graduate students awaiting their results can participate by presenting their literature reviews, methodologies, hypotheses, and anticipated outcomes.

Past years topics:
  • Developing Students's Writing Skills in the Age of ChatGPT (Spring 2023)
  • Preparing for the Unknown: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Graduate REsearch, Education, and Teaching in a Post-Pandemic Reality (Spring 2022)
  • Liberal Arts: Researching, Teaching, Writting in Pandemic Times (Spring 2021)