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American Studies Directory


Name Research/Focus Email Room
Shannon McMullen Director
Associate Professor FPRD 202


Name Title(s) Email Room
Andrea Furrer Administrative Assistant HEAV G008


Name Title(s) Research/Focus Email Room
Cheryl Cooky Professor HEAV G5
Aaron Dial Postdoctoral Researcher HEAV G12
Shannon McMullen Director
Associate Professor FPRD 202
Monica M. Trieu Associate Professor HEAV G7

Affiliated Faculty

Name Research/Focus Email Room
David Atkinson Affiliated Faculty American Foreign Relations, Global Migration History, International History, American and British Imperial History BRNG 6180
Tracey Jean Boisseau Affiliated Faculty BRNG 6162
Kristina Bross Affiliated Faculty HEAV 325B
Kathryn Cramer Brownell Affiliated Faculty U.S. Political History BRNG 6174
Jake Burdick Affiliated Faculty BRNG 4142
Cornelius Bynum Affiliated Faculty BRNG 6168
Marlo D. David Affiliated Faculty BRNG HEAV 204E
Joseph C. Dorsey Affiliated Faculty BRNG 6172
John Duvall Affiliated Faculty HEAV 304A
Nancy Gabin Affiliated Faculty  
Matthew N Hannah Affiliated Faculty Stewart Center 154
Leonard Harris Affiliated Faculty BRNG 7121
Elizabeth Hoffmann Affiliated Faculty Law & Society BRNG 1152
Stacy E. Holden Affiliated Faculty Modern Middle East and North Africa, US Relations with the Arab World BRNG 6166
Jennifer Kaufmann-Buhler Affiliated Faculty History of design; disability and design PAO 3159
Cara Kinnally Affiliated Faculty Spanish and Latin American Literature SC 163
Christian Knoeller Affiliated Faculty
Robert Lamb Affiliated Faculty; HEAV 435
Christopher Lukasik Affiliated Faculty HEAV 410
Alfred J. López Affiliated Faculty BRNG 6176 / HEAV 324
Jennifer Freeman Marshall Affiliated Faculty BRNG 6156
Stephanie Masta Affiliated Faculty BRNG 41554
Derek Pacheco Affiliated Faculty Nineteenth-Century American Literature; Children’s & YA Literature HEAV 405
Nancy J. Peterson Affiliated Faculty HEAV 120B
Yvonne M. Pitts Affiliated Faculty American Legal and Constitutional History, Citizenship, Sexual Regulation BRNG 6128
Kali Rubaii Affiliated Faculty STON 306
Pamela K. Sari Affiliated Faculty  
Ryan Schneider Affiliated Faculty HEAV 122A
Kevin Stainback Affiliated Faculty Work BRNG 1174
Ronald J. Stephens Affiliated Faculty BRNG 6176
Natali Valdez Affiliated Faculty STON 310
Laura Zanotti Affiliated Faculty STON 323

Emeriti Faculty

Name Research/Focus Email Room
Susan Curtis
Nancy Gabin  
Bill Mullen HEAV G12

Graduate Student

Name Research/Focus Email Room
Veronica Ahmed Graduate Student
Jolivette Anderson-Douoning Graduate Student HEAV G001
Ozgun Basmaz Graduate Student HEAV G001
Dramane Bationo Graduate Student
Kathleen Burnham Graduate Student Indigenous Foodways, Ecology, Activism
Bill Caise Graduate Student BCC
Juanita Crider Graduate Student BCC
Araba Dennis Graduate Student
Yu Dou Graduate Student Bilsland Fellow; Off-Campus Research in AY2020-2021
Judy Fisher Graduate Student
Ula Gaha Graduate Student BCC
Kaylah Morgan Graduate Student HEAV G001
Hanna Newell Graduate Student
Madelina Nuñez Graduate Student HEAV G001
Carina Olaru Graduate Student LCC
Cait Parker Graduate Student LGBTQ+ History, Critical Carceral Studies
Rachel Ramlawi Graduate Student HEAV G1
Kadari Taylor-Watson Graduate Student
David Tortolini Graduate Student Post-Colonialism, Food Studies, Digital Studies HEAV G1
Michelle Tran Graduate Student