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Recent Graduates

Summer 2023

  • Jolivette Anderson-Douoning, PhD, Dissertation: "Mrs. Goldleana's Ledger: Louisiana Learning in Shreveport's Hollywood Neighborhood on Ledbetter Street 1945-1975" (Professor Jennifer Freeman Marshall)
  • Ryan Schnurr, PhD, Dissertation: "Where There's Smoke: Fire Narratives from the Long American Century" (Professor Rayvon Fouche)
  • Melvin Villaver, PhD, Dissertation: "Harmonic Resurgence: Reclaiming the Godino Twins' Journey through Hip Hop" (Professor Rayvon Fouche)

Spring 2023

  • Allison Paige Frazier, PhD, Dissertation: "Drag Cuisines: The Queer Ontology of Veganism" (Professor Bill Mullen)

Fall 2022

  • Ariel Smith, PhD, Dissertation: "Black Food Trucks Matter: A Qualitative Study Examining the (Mis)Representation, Underestimation, and Contribution of Black Entrepreneurs in the Food Truck Industry" (Professors Stephanie Masta and Rayvon Fouche)

Summer 2022

  • Maria Mears, PhD, Dissertation: "Mascots, Monuments, and Memorialization: The Collective Memory of Chief Illiniwek" (Professor Rayvon Fouche)
  • Malik Raymond, PhD, Dissertation: "Reverence, Variance, Deviance, and Convergence in Black Women's Eco-Spiritualities" (Professor Rayvon Fouche)
  • Megan Williams, PhD, Dissertation: "Vibrational Reprieves: Black Women's Soul Food Narratives as Aesthetic Sites of Erotic and Sexual Agency" (Professor Marlo David)

Spring 2022

  • Rachel Bonini, PhD, Dissertation: "Imagineered Imperial Tourism: Disney & U.S. Empire in Hawai'i" (Professor Monica Trieu)

Fall 2020

  • Virginia Pleasant, PhD, Dissertation: "There's More than Corn in Indiana: Smallholder and Alternative Farmers as a Locus of Resilience" (Professor Laura Zanotti)

Summer 2020

  • Stephen Horrocks, PhD, Dissertation: "Insulin Pump Use and Type 1 Diabetes: Connecting Bodies, Identities, and Technologies" (Professor Sharra Vostral)
  • Annagul Yaryyeva, PhD, Dissertation: "Russian Immigrants: Transnationalism in the Context of U.S.-Russia Relations Since 2014" (Professor Bill Mullen)

Fall 2019

  • Jingyi Liu, PhD, Dissertation: "Storytelling and the National Security State of America: Korean War Stories from Cold War to Post-911" (Professor Bill Mullen)
  • Keturah Nix, PhD, Dissertation:    "Is the Veil On or Off?: Uncovering America's Racial Tensions Through the Symbolization of Booker T. Washington." (Professor Venetria Patton)

Summer 2019

  • Olon Dotson, PhD, Dissertation: "Fourth World Nation: A Critical Geography of Decline." (Professor Bill Mullen)

Spring 2019

  • Katje Armentrout, PhD, Dissertation: "Notes on the State of American Agriculture: Young Farmers and "The Farm" After the 1980 Farm Crisis." (Professor Sharra Vostral)
  • Esmé Barniskis, MA (Professor Jennifer Kaufmann-Buhler)
  • Christpher Munt, PhD, Dissertation: "A Century in the Baths": Allan Berube, Spatial Politics and the History of Gay Bathhouses in the United States" (Professor Marlo David)
  • Pamela Sari, PhD, Dissertation: "Politics of the (Most) High: Transnational Networks between Gospel of the Kingdom Megachurch (Indonesian Mennonite Synod) in Central Java, Indonesia and Pentecostal/Charismatic Institutions in the United States" (Professor Susan Curtis)
  • Jennifer Sdunzik, PhD, Dissertation: "Mapping Whiteness: Uncovering the Legacy of All-White Towns in Indiana" (Professor Susan Curtis)
  • Jeffrey Wimble, PhD, Dissertation: "Survival Technologies: African-American Musical Modernisms" (Professor Bill Mullen)

Fall 2018

  • Arslan Jumaniyazov, PhD, Dissertation: "Americans Discover Central Asia: Russian Studies, Sovietology, and Orientalism." (Professor Rayvon Fouche)
  • Hana C. Lee, PhD, Dissertation: "Re-examining the ‘Heartland’: Korean American religious and ethnic identity formations in the Midwest" (Professors Susan Curtis and Monica Trieu)
  • Abby L. Stephens, PhD, Dissertation: "Unusual Archives and Unconventional Autobiographies: Interpreting the experience of Rural Iowa Women, 1940-1985" (Professor Susan Curtis)

Summer 2018

  • Michelle E. Carreon, PhD, Dissertation: "A Solidarity Economy on the Border: Examining Historical and Contemporary Case Studies in El Paso, Texas as De Facto Contributors to a U.S.-based Movement" (Professor Susan Curtis)
  • Jaimalene J. Hough, PhD, Dissertation: "Virgin Land: Young Women and Sexual Citizenship in the Contemporary United States" (Professor Sharra Vostral)
  • Ping Qui, PhD, Dissertation: "Contested 'Chineseness' in Transnational Narratives: Works by Post-1979 Chinese/American Immigrant Writers Ha Jin and Geling Yan" (Professor Bill Mullen)

Spring 2018

  • Jonathan R. Freeman, PhD, Dissertation: "Artists and Activism: Black Voices of Resistance and the Cultural Boycott of South Africa." (Professor Rayvon Fouche)
  • Leon, Rocio: MA (Professor Monica Trieu)
  • Bethany A. Scettrini, MA (Professor Rayvon Fouche)

Fall 2017

  • Kera N. Lovell, PhD, Dissertation: "Radical Manifest Destiny: Mapping Power over Urban Green Space in the Age of Protest, 1968-1988" (Professor Nancy Gabin)

Summer 2017

  • Lisa Young, PhD, Dissertation: "Lethal Housing: Reading Restrictive Covenants and Urban Black Women's Grassroots Health Activism, 1930-1980" (Professor Venetria Patton)

Spring 2017

  • Andrea Y. Adomako, MA (Professor Rayvon Fouche)
  • Salvador Peraza Gutierrez, MA (Professors Dawn Marsh and Shannon McMullen)
  • Aria Halliday, PhD, Dissertation:  "Fashioning Black Barbies, Princesses, and Sexual Expression for Black Girls: The Multivisuality of Nicki Minaj" (Professors Rayvon Fouche and Shannon McMullen)
  • Michelle Lee, MA (Professor Monica Trieu)
  • Megan M. Williams, MA (Professor Rayvon Fouche)

Summer 2016

  • Arthur Banton, PhD, Dissertation: "Running for Integration: CCNY, and the promise of interracial cooperation through Basketball." (Professor Susan Curtis)
  • Lisa M. Beringer, PhD, Dissertation: "The Invisible Man Paradox" (Professor John Duvall)
  • Maureen L. Marsh, PhD, Dissertation: "Knitting Rebellion" (Professor Susan Curtis)
  • Aubrey M. Thamann, PhD, Dissertation: "Crossroads: An Interdisciplinary Study of Funeral Directors in Indiana" (Professor Susan Curtis)

Spring 2016

  • Sascha Angermann, MA  (Professor Bill Mullen)
  • Rachel E. Bonini, MA (Professor Christian Knoeller)

Fall 2015

  • Stephanie A. Allen, PhD, Dissertation:"Marginal & Forbidden: Black Lesbians, Contemporary American Culture, & the Politics of Representation" (Professors Venetria Patton and Bill Mullen)
  • Kathryn E. Hamm, MA  (Professor Susan Curtis)
  • Walter G. Moore, PhD, Dissertation: "This is Not a Dissertation: (Neo) Neo-Bohemian Connections" (Professor Lance Duerfahrd)

Spring 2015

  • Eliot R. Blackburn, MA (Professor Rayvon Fouche)
  • Heather C. Moore, PhD, Dissertation: "I'm The One You Need to be Worried About": The Archetypal Representations of Black Male Students" (Professor Anne Knupfer)
  • Antonio T. Ramos, MA  (Professor Alfred Lopez)
  • Mindy H. Tan, PhD, Dissertation: "Canvas Politics: Norman Lewis and the Art of Abstract Resistance" (Professor Leonard Harris)

Fall 2014

  • Jessica E. Birch, PhD, Dissertation: "Blood, Tears, and Sweat: An Intersectional Excavation of the Literary Vampire in Neoliberal Discourse" (Professor Bill Mullen)
  • Kapri P. Krowley, MA  (Professor Rayvon Fouche)
  • Jingyi Liu, MA  (Professor Bill Mullen)
  • Chelsea M. Stripe, PhD, Dissertation: "Roads of Rebellion: Cultural Contributions by Women of the Beat Generation" (Professor Bill Mullen)

Spring 2014

  • Jenean Cox, MA  (Professors Mangala Subramaniam and Monica Trieu)
  • Shivohn N. Garcia, PhD, Dissertation: "Fiddling About: The Life and Love of Pura Teresa Belpre and Clarence Cameron White" (Professor Susan Curtis)
  • Aria S. Halliday, MA  (Professor Venetria Patton)
  • Stephen K. Horrocks, MA  (Professor Bill Mullen)
  • Maria Daniela Z. Jimenez, MA  (Professor Bill Mullen)
  • Keturah C. Nix, MA  (Professor Bill Mullen)
  • Na'eemah A. Webb, MA  (Professor Bill Mullen)