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John Duvall

John Duvall

Margaret Church Distinguished Professor of English; Editor of Modern Fiction Studies // English

Affiliated Faculty // American Studies // SIS

Professor // Film and Video Studies // SIS

Office and Contact

Room: HEAV 332B


Phone: (765) 494-3760

Fax: (765) 494-3780


American Literature

Research Areas:
20th Century American Fiction; Modernism and Postmodernism; William Faulkner, Toni Morrison, and Don DeLillo

John Duvall's work focuses on matters of racial and sexual identity in 20th-century American fiction. He has published on such authors as William Faulkner, Flannery O’Connor, John Barth, Toni Morrison, Ishmael Reed, Don DeLillo, and John Updike. He is the author of Race and White Identity in Southern Fiction (2008), Don DeLillo’s UNDERWORLD (2002), The Identifying Fictions of Toni Morrison: Modernist Authenticity and Postmodern Blackness (2000), and Faulkner's Marginal Couple: Invisible, Outlaw, and Unspeakable Communities (1990). He also has edited seven volumes:  Narrating 9/11: Fantasies of State, Security, and Terrorism (2015, with Robert P. Marzec), The Cambridge Companion to American Fiction After 1945 (2012), Faulkner and His Critics (2010), The Cambridge Companion to Don DeLillo (2008), Approaches to Teaching DeLillo’s WHITE NOISE (2006, with Tim Engles), Productive Postmodernism: Consuming Histories and Cultural Studies (2002), and Faulkner and Postmodernism (2002, with Ann J. Abadie). His recent graduate courses include Contemporary American Fiction (ENGL 595) and Narrating 9/11 (ENGL 677).