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Taylor Cody

Political Science & Corporate Communication


What was the most exciting thing about your role?   

The most exciting part of my internship would have to be meeting Senators and other high-profile guests. Although I tried to prepare myself and stay calm, I would get nervous or star-struck. Politicians in D.C. are about as special as running into your favorite celebrity. 

Describe the most meaningful experience you had as an intern.  

The most meaningful experience I have gained from working at C-SPAN are the relationships and connections made and a big show we had on the opioid crisis. I did a substantial amount of research for the show and get to help tape on site and meet the senators I had researched such as Sen. Portman, Sen Whitehouse, and many others.

How did you apply your Liberal Arts-skills to your internship position?

I applied my interpersonal communication and writing skills the most during the internship. I had the pleasure of greeting congressmen and other guests for the network's many programs. I also had to research topics we were covering throughout the week for the show and send the information to the show's producers.

How has your internship prepared you for your career?

My internship has prepared me for my career because it has shown me a big deciding factor when looking for a work home. The atmosphere and culture of C-SPAN was impeccable. Everyone knew each other by first name, were one big family, and Brian Lamb walked the office normally mixing and mingling with everyone. He even took the time to learn fun facts and every intern's name.