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Henry Marcel

Political Science

Congressman Greg Stanton's Office

How has your internship helped build skills and clarify your career goals?

I have learned so much on my internship. Before coming to the Hill I was unsure whether I wanted to work in politics, and if I did, what capacity that would be in. After being a part of the inner mechanisms of the US government, I have realized that I want to continue to be a part of this terrific democracy. Not only have I learned more about the government as a whole, but I have also gotten to know a lot about how legislation in drafted and eventually passed in the House.

How do you apply your Liberal Arts skills in your internship?

During my work I have to apply many different aspects of my education including research, writing and organizational skills.

Describe your typical day as an intern.  

One of the great things about this internship is that most days are completely different. My standard duties in the job include answering phone calls, leading tours of the Capitol Building, and assisting the legislative team with research and memos. I am also to attend briefings and lectures on a number of different topics.

What was the most challenging aspect of your internship?  

While working 9-6 five days a week has been challenging, the pace and buzz around the office is contagious and means I am always looking forward to coming to work.

Describe the most meaningful experience you had as an intern.

Perhaps the best experience I have had so far is simply meeting different members and staff, as well as learning about many different issue areas.