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Job-Ready Summer Internship Award

Job-Ready Summer Internship Award


The deadline to apply for the Job-Ready Summer Internship Award is May 1, 2024.


To make internships a viable option to more of our students, the College of Liberal Arts created the Job-Ready Summer Internship Award. This award provides up to $2,000 in financial support* to qualifying undergraduate students who choose to pursue summer internships off campus. Job-Ready aims to:

  1. Provide real-world opportunities that prepare Purdue Liberal Arts students for inspired careers and bold leadership.
  2. Encourage CLA students to pursue off-campus summer internships and to make unpaid and low-paid internships a viable option for more students.
  3. Enrich CLA students’ understanding of relevant issues and opportunities to be used in the world after graduation.
  4. Bring students’ critical skills to organizations addressing important issues while providing students with hands-on work experience.
  5. Provide employers with access to CLA students’ unique skills.

To be considered for the Job-Ready Summer Internship Award, undergraduate students must apply and meet the following qualifications:

  • Students must be a Liberal Arts major or Degree+ student. Students only holding a Liberal Arts minor or certificate are not eligible.
  • Students must be in good academic standing, not on academic or university probation, and currently enrolled in a full-time class schedule (12+ credit hours) in the spring prior to the summer internship.
  • International students are eligible to apply for Job-Ready.
  • The internship must have basic costs incurred by the student during the internship. This includes, but is not limited to, rent, relocation costs, and/or travel expenses.
  • Students graduating in the spring before their summer internship occurs are not eligible. Students graduating in the summer in which their internship occurs may be considered for the award providing they are enrolled in summer courses.
  • Job-Ready cannot support study abroad, field schools, or other internships that charge students to participate.
  • Internships with Purdue University units or affiliate organizations, for example, Purdue for Life and Purdue Research Foundation, are not eligible.

*Job Ready Awards are considered part of a student’s overall aid package. As such, awards will not be made that exceed the cost of attendance. U.S. citizens who receive Job-Ready awards must include the amount of the award in their annual tax return. A 1099 form (Miscellaneous Income) will be issued for amounts that exceed $600.


The Job-Ready Awards are funded by philanthropic support to the College.SUPPORT JOB READY