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Sociology Directory


Name Title(s) Research/Focus Email Room
Evelina Akimova Assistant Professor Sociogenomics
Alina Arseniev-Koehler Assistant Professor STON 341
Ariel Azar Assistant Professor Political STON 305
Shawn Bauldry Associate Professor STON 349
Joshua Doyle Assistant Professor Social Psychology STON 339
Rachel L. Einwohner Professor Political STON 334
Scott Feld Professor STON 336
Kenneth Ferraro Distinguished Professor Center on Aging and the Life Course STON 335
Jacqui Frost Assistant Professor Religion STON 326B
Lindsay Hamm Assistant Teaching Professor STON 326E
Spencer Headworth Associate Professor Law & Society STON 347
Elizabeth Hoffmann Professor Law & Society STON 351
Danielle Kane Assistant Professor STON 352
Brian C. Kelly Professor Medical STON 308
Hui (Cathy) Liu Professor CALC STON 322B
Marcus Mann Assistant Professor Political STON 309
David McElhattan Assistant Professor Law & Society STON 326C
Trenton D. Mize Associate Professor Social Psychology STON 328
Mark Pawson Research Assistant Professor Medical, Crime & Deviance STON 333B
David Peterson Assistant Professor Science & Technology STON 350
David Reingold Senior Vice President for Policy Planning, Justin S. Morrill Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Professor BRNG 1290L
Linda Renzulli Head
Education STON 302
Jeremy Reynolds Professor Work STON 307
Christie Sennott Associate Professor Gender & Heath STON 337
Christopher Seto Assistant Professor Criminology STON 346
Kevin Stainback Professor Work STON 340
Robin Stryker Distinguished Professor Law & Society STON 353
Mark Suchman Professor Law & Society
J. Jill Suitor Distinguished Professor CALC STON 355
Patricia A. Thomas Associate Professor CALC STON 354
Felix Tropf Associate Professor Sociogenomics STON 338
Robbee Wedow Assistant Professor Sociogenomics STON 333A
Daniel Winchester Associate Professor Religion STON 348
Fenggang Yang Professor Religion STON 306 / HEAV G12B

Emeriti Faculty

Name Research/Focus Email Room
James G. Anderson
Viktor Gecas
Richard Hogan
Dan Olson
Carolyn Cummings Perrucci
Robert Perrucci
Harry Potter
Jack Spencer
John Stahura
Bert Useem


Name Title(s) Email Room
Tammy Crider Lead Administrative Assistant STON 301
Paige Ebner Assistant Director, Center on Aging and the Life Course MSEE 308C
Daniel Rudel Academic Program Manager STON 304
Maria Scott Administrative Assistant STON 303
Joanne Yang Information Management and Research Specialist HEAV G-16

Graduate Student

Name Research/Focus Email Room
Mallory Bell Graduate Student
Sean Boylan Graduate Student
Fallon Caruth Graduate Student
Nic Frame Graduate Student
Mingui Gao Graduate Student
Mantas Grigorovicius Graduate Student
Bing Han Graduate Student
Ranran He Graduate Student
Jiayin Hu Graduate Student
Baylee Hudgens Graduate Student
Chris Kaufman Graduate Student
Vasundhara Kaul Graduate Student
Reilly Kincaid Graduate Student
Adam Kotanko Graduate Student
Alex Montgomery Graduate Student
Olivia Neff Graduate Student
Destiny Ogle Graduate Student
Renee Pite Graduate Student
Jinnan (Sigrid) Ren Graduate Student
Corey Resweber Graduate Student
Madison Sauerteig Graduate Student
Shagun Sethi Graduate Student
Piritmwa Shemu Graduate Student
Catherine Stepniak Graduate Student
Jian Su Graduate Student
Juwen Wang Graduate Student


Name Research/Focus Email Room
Brittany Ganser Lecturer STON 326A

Limited Term Lecturer

Name Research/Focus Email Room
William M. Coghill Limited Term Lecturer STON 308A
Scott Galloway Limited Term Lecturer
Michael Steinhour Limited Term Lecturer STON 333B
Joy (Kooi-Chin) Tong Limited Term Lecturer

Postdoctoral Researcher

Name Research/Focus Email Room
Yeongmi Jeong Postdoctoral Researcher STON 342
Seyedeh Zahra Paylakhi Postdoctoral Researcher Sociogenomics
Katherine Thompson Postdoctoral Researcher STON 342
Rafael Geurgas Zavarizz Postdoctoral Researcher STON 342