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Christie Sennott

Christie Sennott

Associate Professor // Sociology

Research focus:

Curriculum vitae

Office and Contact

Room: STON 337


Phone: (765) 494-4668

Fax: (765) 496-1476


SOC 339: Sociology of Global Development
SOC 382: Introduction to Statistics in Sociology
SOC 350: Sociology of the Family
SOC 450: Gender Roles in Modern Society
SOC 580: Methods of Social Research I (graduate level)
SOC 609G: Sociology of Gender (graduate level)


Ph.D., Sociology, University of Colorado (2013)
M.A., Sociology, University of Missouri (2004)




sexual and reproductive health, family formation, gender, HIV/AIDS, motherhood

Christie Sennott is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and a faculty affiliate with the Center for Research on Young People's Health. Her research addresses two broad questions: 1) How do social and cultural factors shape sexual and reproductive health and family formation processes? 2) How are these experiences gendered? She investigates these questions in both the U.S. and sub-Saharan Africa. Her mixed methods research combines statistical analyses of large-scale longitudinal databases with in-depth interview data on the lived experiences of individuals. She often utilizes a life course perspective and focuses on the transition to adulthood. Her work has appeared in journals such as: Demography; Journal of Marriage and Family; International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health; and Gender & Society, where she currently serves on the Editorial Board. In 2018, Dr. Sennott was awarded the Purdue College of Liberal Arts Kenneth T. Kofmehl Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award.