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Jacqui Frost

Jacqui Frost

Assistant Professor // Sociology

Assistant Professor // Cornerstone

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Room: BRNG 1138


Phone: (765) 494-7120

Jacqui Frost earned her Ph.D. at University of Minnesota in 2020 and joined Purdue sociology faculty in 2022. She is a mixed-methods scholar whose research integrates cultural sociology, sociology of religion, science and technology studies, and sociology of health. Most broadly, her work investigates the causes and consequences of religious disaffiliation in the United States. She is currently working on projects that examine conceptions of ritual and community in nonreligious congregations, the ways religious change shapes health and wellbeing, and conceptions of science as sacred in the transhumanist movement. She utilizes a range of methods to examine these topics, including surveys, ethnography, focus groups, and interviews. Her recent research has been published in American Sociological ReviewSocial ForcesPoeticsSocial Currents, and Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion. You can learn more about Dr. Frost’s research and teaching interests at


Culture; religion and nonreligion; science and technology; identity; health