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LSP Courses and Instructors

LSP Instructors in the School of Languages and Cultures



Ahmed Idrissi Alami



Elizabeth Mercier



Ana Valero Pena


Marc Rathmann


Olga Lyanda-Geller


Cecilia Tenorio

Blanca Cabrera de Morales

Gabriel Rios


LSP Courses in the School of Languages and Cultures

 For each semester offerings see COURSES

CLCS  234*     Medical and Scientific Terminology from Greek and Latin Roots
CLCS  384*     Ancient Western Medicine
CLCS  385*     Science, Medicine, and Magic in the Ancient West
FR       224     Business French I  (varies, see departmental webpage)
FR       324     Business French II  (varies, see departmental webpage)
FR       424     Business French III  (varies, see departmental webpage)
FR       596     Translation: Theory and Practice  (varies, see departmental webpage)  
GER   223     German Level IV: Scientific   (varies, see departmental webpage)  
GER   224     German Level IV: Business German (varies, see departmental webpage)
GER   323     German Level VI: Science and Engineering (every semester) 
GER   424     Business German  (every Fall semester) 
GER   524     German for International Trade (every Spring semester)
RUSS 424    Business Russian (varies, see departmental webpage)
RUSS 498    Technical Russian: Russian for Scientists and Engineers (varies)
LC 101         Russian for Rocket Scientists (varies)
SPAN 321     Introduction to Spanish for the Professions (every semester)  
SPAN 322     Spanish for the Health Professions (every semester)  
                      Online version (varies, see departmental webpage)
LC 323/
SPAN 323*    Humanities-Informed Engineering Projects
SPAN 325     Spanish for Engineering and Technology (every semester) 
SPAN 415     Spanish Translation and Interpreting (every semester)  
SPAN 424     Business Spanish (every semester); online version (varies, see departmental webpage) 
 * These courses are options on the Plan of Study for the CLA Science and Technology Studies Certificate.