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Purdue Political Science Undergraduate Research Collaboratory

Participate in cutting-edge, original research with a political science faculty member or advanced graduate student.

Gain invaluable research skills useful for both academic and non-academic careers.

Experience a change-of-pace from formal classroom activities.

The Collaboratory provides a small-group educational experience for students who seek to hone their research skills and gain hands-on experience in an academic research environment.

Collaboratory students will constitute a pool of potential research assistants who will be matched with a faculty member or advanced graduate student seeking research support on a project.

Collaboratory members might be engaged in such activities as data collection and processing, survey design, and data analysis and visualization.

Collaboratory members who are not working on a faculty or graduate student project will work on one of several ongoing research projects of the Collaboratory itself. (The current ongoing Collaboratory project involves data collection on the Indiana judiciary.)

Participants in the Collaboratory will receive 3 credit hours via enrollment in a POL 429 (P/NP) course. The course may be repeated in subsequent semesters.

Admission to the Collaboratory is competitive and is based upon a review of applications.


Admission Requirements:
  • Open to any major
  • Typically, students are considered for admission to the Collaboratory who have an overall GPA of 3.0 or greater.

Program Requirements:
  • 3 research credits equals 12 hours of expected research work per week.
  • Complete general responsible conduct of research training online through the CITI Program and the Political Science Field Specific training.
  • Complete the Human Subjects for Social & Behavioral Research training online through the CITI Program.
  • Complete the Office of Undergraduate Research’s learning modules (“Research Integrity,” “Data Management,” and “Introduction to Research” 
  • Note: Prior Collaboratory participants need not complete the CITI or OUR Modules.


For Spring 2023, apply here by December 15:


For more information, contact:

The Department of Political Science  (