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Undergraduate Research Grant

The Department of Political Science invites applications for undergraduate research grant for students majoring in political science. The purpose of this award is to encourage students who are potentially interested in graduate work in political science to undertake a research project under the direction of a faculty member. The research project should use original research to address an important question in the study of politics.

The grant will be in the amount of up to $500 to facilitate completion of the project.  Funds can be used for any expenses related to the project, including travel to present results at a professional meeting, required software, or other expenses. The student will work under the direction of a political science faculty member on a research project defined by the student. Course credit through POL 495 will be available during either the Fall or Spring semester.  The winner will provide an electronic copy of the final paper to the supervising professor at the end of the semester of supervised research.

Eligibility for the Undergraduate Research Grant:

  • Applicants must be political science majors
  • 3.0 minimum overall Grade Point Average

 Applicants should submit the following via email to

  • Complete contact information for the student and the faculty member who is supervising the project.
  • A research proposal outlining the project, goals, research design, and importance (approximately 3-5 pages).
  • A statement of applicant's career objectives (approximately 2-3 paragraphs).
  • A brief budget of expected research expenses to be covered by the award.
Application Deadlines: 
  • December 1 for Spring Semesters; 
  • April 1 for Summer Semesters
  • May 1 for Fall Semesters. 
The number of awards available each year varies but typically ranges from 2 to 5.